Amp upgrade?

I got a small raise, so I have to figure out how to spend it. :wink: The speaker on my Fender Rumble 15 is blown. I’d like something I could use to jam with some people, maybe play in a bar. Off-brand is ok. Prefer a combo. Don’t really know how many watts I need or what I should be looking at?

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Rumble 100
Ampeg Rocket bass

Or maybe more watts


I have a Rumble 40, which was an upgrade from a Hartke B150 (8" woofer, 15 amp). I really like this amp, and have yet to take it past 1/3 volume (I practice and play in the garage; my GF complains about hearing it on the other side of the house at 1/3 volume).

I can’t imagine what a Rumble 100 would sound like.

…but I want one.

Anyway, I’d vote for a bigger Rumble. Like the 40 or 100.


I had a 40, it is quite lacking when you test drive a 100.
I think the 100s are awesome all around amps. I didn’t choose fender in the end but they are great at 100 and up and lots around to snag used.


I agree regarding the Fender Rumble 100, it’s a great amp for practice or small gigs. I had one for quite awhile before switching to the Rumble 500 amp head and cab, but would definitely buy one again if ever needed.


How much wattage, for playing a gig, is going depend…

What kind of music will you be playing?

Will there be a drummer?

Coffee shops or bars?

If you’re talking about Heavy Metal in a loud bar with a loud drummer? 500 Watts is a good starting point.


Try a Gallien-Krueger MB112. I love mine. You can buy powered cabs to make them louder if necessary in the future.

Skip the ampeg the BA-110 V2 lack the oomph! It would make a great Gibson Les Paul clean amp but I was expecting a bit more low end punch.

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Defo go 100+ watt if you want to play in a bar. Bars that facilitate bands tend to have a in-house PA system.


Hi there,
I do have a Behringer combo with 90 watts right now. Ok - it makes some nice noices, but it’s not really satisfying.

A friend of mine has (more or less) the opposite: a Markbass 1500 watts amp and two 4x10" speakers. This installation may blow the mind out of your head. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What do you think is a good compromise?

I’m currently thinking of 200 watts amp and a 2x8" speaker from “tc electronic”. For about 300 alltogether a good compromise in my opinion…

What do you think?



I would go with 10" to 12" speakers rather than 8" myself, @Alex_G . . . :slight_smile:

I’m sure you’ll get more opinions from our other members!



The primary questions are:

  1. What music styles do you play?
  2. Want the rig for your home, for indoor gigs or open air?

I agree to stay away from 8” speakers.
If you have any idea you will be playing with others you might opt for 300 Vs 200


Phil Jones would like a word. XD

But in general, yes, 8" speakers and smaller are usually sub-par. Unless it’s a Phil Jones amp or cabinet :eyes:


True, but a very specific example of someone who has bothered to sort it out properly IMO. His stuff is great.


So is the price :joy:

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Right? My Double Four BG-75 was $480 for a smol 2x4" 70W combo XD I don’t even use it for B2B, either, I plug right into my computer (I have 8" monitors) while the bass amp provides audio for my synth station via the aux in…

(though iirc it’s technically 30Wx2)

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I agree the 300 would be a better choice as long as the purchaser understands what to look for. In other words is the output actually 300 watts without an external cab added.

I have a Rumble 100 and it more than meets my needs for Practice, Jam sessions, and small venues. Once we add outdoor sessions, with at least one drummer, and 100+ attendees, I will be getting a Rumble 500. Without an external cab the output is rated at 350 Watts. With the external cab it is 500 Watts.

After much research it seems like the best bang for the buck to me.YMMV
At 36.5 pounds, 2x10" speakers and 350 Watts as a standalone amp, it is moving a lot of air and should be more than enough. If not I will just add the external cab. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :+1: :+1: :+1: