Anchoring on a 'lipstick' single coil pickup?

Yeah I’m considering a bass with these. I come from pick and really love everything about this bass, but I also want to learn plucking and anchoring on one of these seemed very hard (Google ‘lipstick pickup’); very thin, don’t stick out if the body much and though I couldn’t turn up the volume much at the store or pull my fuzz pedal these pickups it seems are going to pick up interference from my fingers as there is no casing (it’s all pickup).

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Sounds like a thumb rest might be in order, like on the early P-bass models.


I’d suggest trying thumb resting on the E string (free muting too!) except when actually playing the E string, then kind of float or touch the bass body with your thumb while playing it.


@kwt7667 Thanks, would a Fender Thumbrest work? The bass in question is a Danelectro 59 DC Long Scale which I believe is semi-hollow in there somewhere. I see one sold new with screws for 7 Euros. I’ve never really done any hardware changes but I assume it’s just drill wherever would seem a good spot and just screw it in.

@howard Trying this out on my current bass, not very comfortable but I could get used to it I guess.

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yeah you can add a rest over the E string (E string ? do this exists ? :face_with_hand_over_mouth: ). if you buy the bass from a local dealer, just talk to the guy about this concern !

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