Another 4 bass or a new 5 strings bass?

BEAD is great too. Personally I prefer BEAD to a 5 - I am just not in to the 5-string string spacing - but yeah for modern metal you really want that B string, maybe in drop-A :slight_smile:


I agree, BEAD tuning is a thing to try. Most of the 5 string bass lines sit on the lower strings anyway. GHS makes a set of BEAD strings, I have one and will likely try them out this weekend.

5 string changes a few things up. The fretboard is wider and flatter, the strings are closer, muting is more of an issue, and the 35" scale threw me off. Bass is heavier.

Nothing that can’t be practiced through, but BEAD is much friendlier


And some Van Halen, and 80s synthy stuff. And a few other oddballs. B isn’t just for metal, they’ve just perfected it

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B is popular in modern country

Sometimes you might want the open D drone note too which is less convenient on the B string if you don’t have Louis Johnson sized thumbs.

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Watch this video starting at :50 seconds and say u don’t want a low b string


I mean wanting a Dingwall is whole other story… :sweat_smile:


Personal preference again. I do agree that most modern metal bands seems to prefer 5 string bass and 7 string guitars. Gotta djent bro

Gojira is a good example that you really don’t need special metal instruments to play metal. Jean-Michel Labadie played on a 4 string Fender precision bass and Joe Duplantier has played on a 6 string tele (think it was a Charvel). Jean-Michel Labadie is a very underrated bass player imo. Seen them live together with Slayer \m/

I don’t find the spacing that troublesome on a 5 string (especially if you play it with a pick) and I also like 7 string guitars just because it feels more closer to the bass. :smiley: Playing with your tuning is fun to do and with the right preamps you can make everything sound metal tbh. I think it’s more about moving your fret hand less on more string guitars.

I really enjoyed these NAMM 2020 vids from these DG artists. They focussed on demoing the sound of the bass. It’s just good reference stuff. I know this more hardcore metal genre isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I’m always really impressed by the technical performance of those kind of bands.

Olivier Pinard has a sick tune on his 5 string Spector:

Jared Smith on his 6 string Kiesel:

Yes please! Altho I wouldn’t mind a good Spector either.

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You have a Warwick, that’s a lot like having a good Spector :slight_smile:

I honestly wonder how many modern metal bands get up the neck on the G string much at all. Some for sure and obviously metal subgenre specific. But for most I bet (unscientifically) that BEAD would be fine.

But you’re gonna want a B string for sure.


Actually I think BE would be enough :joy:

Yeah for sure. It’s just an oldie and passive. I prefer my Solar 4 string in drop D. I’m staying away from a new bass or guitar for the next few years haha.

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I just knew you were going to link that clip haha. :joy: :metal:

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