Another bass amp dilemma

Sup it’s me again with another bass amp dilemma. The bass amps I’ve been having a headache about is the Ashdown 100w 1x15 bass combo, the Roland Cube 60 and 60XL, the Peavey TNT 150 bass combo, the Fender Bassman 150, the Marshall Bass State 65 and Peavey MAX 115 Bass-75w. Purpose for the bass amp is to use it for practice at home and maybe live performances with a PA cause I wanna use this to enter a band in polytechnic. Want it to be loud and portable enough that i can audition with it, not sure how the audition will be like, maybe there’s a backing track to play to or smth. Hope you guys with your infinite wisdom could help me with this and rank them from best to worst.

FYI if you know about my other post and wondering what happened to the ashdown 300w 2x10 I had. I recently gave it back to the owner as I just rented it off him for 2-3 months and due to me not really needing it for any other performances due to my band breaking up

The bass amp that picks my interest is the Fender Bassman 150. Looks like this and couldn’t find any substantial reviews on it

Have you watched/listened to this video that @mgoldst posted recently?

I think you’ll find that a 15" speaker sounds a lot different than two 10" speakers, which is what you seem to like. This might narrow down the choices somewhat.


Ya i could hear the diff but I don’t really have an option of a 2x10 anymore and the 15inch was actually nice for me cause I like that low end of the amp and maybe if I wanted to go for some high notes I’ll boost the treble or just use my zoom b1x four for the adjustments. Btw I like to play funk, thrash metal and a bit of everything I guess

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