Another Completely Shameless Plug

Finally real gigging after such a long hiatus. I’ve got the pleasure of playing with some really fantastic musicians that also happen to be friends.

For those in and around the Houston, TX area, we’re playing this Friday night at The Barn Whiskey Bar in Mont Belvieu, TX. Downbeat at 10!

Here’s some of what you’ll hear:

Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Chain Of Fools
Say It Ain’t So
Misery Business
Welcome To Paradise
Hotel California <can’t believe I’m playing an Eagles song>
Neon Moon
Interstate Love Song

and many, many others…

Tons of variety for everybody!

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This is awesome!


Wow. Top, top setlist – just for these five songs alone.
Enjoy the gigs. Break a leg!


Congrats @numberman2000 , that is really cool!!

I know nothing about live gigs. I was wondering if in a situation like this, do the cover artists pay any royalties to the composers?

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Hi, @NipperDog

Bars pay licensing fees to ASCAP (and other orgs) depending on their size and whether they play ‘radio’ music or live music.

Not a ‘legal’ document, but a good synopsis here:

Music Licensing

So the bands themselves don’t pay the fees. That’d be way to hard to manage, IMHO. Most cover bands don’t operate as legal entities, so that makes it a little difficult.


No. The venue is responsible. Most bars, restaurants and other live music venues have ASCAP licenses. Some have BMI. Both organizations claim to compensate songwriters and original musicians for their works being performed, or even played from a CD over the sound system. The performers shouldn’t have to worry about it.
Of course both organizations are more akin to the mafia than a performing rights organization, with a particular low point for ASCAP suing the Girl Scouts for campfire sing alongs.


Thanks to both of you! I never knew how any of this worked and now I do. :+1:t3:

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100% - they actually go around to bars here fining them as soon as a band starts to play.


So… I used to work with this guy who said, “no one actually likes the Eagles… but you’re supposed to like them, so people just say they do”.

He was a funny guy, and I laughed at his comment, but I was a little taken back. I effing dig the Eagles. I grew up on them, and some of their stuff is still on my list of favorite music even today.

And Hotel California is one of the songs I’m actively working on. I’d love to see your set just to see how you’re fingering that bassline. But CA to TX is a bit of a commute. :slight_smile:


That’s the way I feel about Journey. LOL.


Yeah - I’m like that about most soft rock :slight_smile:


Here’s one way to listen to a Journey tune…


The Eagles, man…It’s really a personal thing with a TON of bad memories wrapped around it. I dig Joe Walsh and Don Henley, but The Eagles just really hit me in the wrong place :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Don’t get me started on Blue On Black though :rofl:

We’re doing Lights and Don’t Stop Believing :grin:

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Ok, I was kinda getting into that with the “Enter Sandman” intro, but then he started belting out those Journey lyrics in that Journey style and I nope’d the eff out.

I get it. No need to justify personal tastes here. I just found my old co-worker’s comment funny, like we’re expected to like the Eagles and anyone who actually does like them actually doesn’t. :slight_smile:


What’s odd about them is their studio albums are lackluster to me but live….still stands as the best sounding sh how I’ve ever seen. Was amazing (to be fair they did Walsh/Henley/Fry solo tunes too).

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@numberman2000 That’s really friggin cool. :sunglasses: :+1:

If I was within driving distance, I would be there.