Another Great Year Of BassBuzz!

I wanted to mark this date.

There was a time, back in January, that I had read every post. Since the BassBuzz forum has grown so much in the last year I didn’t think I would ever get back to that point. However, since things have slowed down with the holiday season I thought maybe I could do it.

As of today…
I have read every post on every topic in every category.
If you have posted words, I have read them.
If you have posted a link to something, I have followed it.
If you have posted a video, I have watched it.
If you have posted a sound sample, I have listened to it.

I wanted to mark this date because it’s probably the last time I’ll be able to say that. Considering how much growth we’ve had, even if things slow down some, I’ve found that I’m spending more time trying to keep up with BassBuzz than actually playing and I need to change that.

I’m not going anywhere (I even have a new BassBuzz project I’m going to start working on after the holidays) but I am going to back off from working to keep up with every thread.

Thank you to everybody that has been a part of BassBuzz this last year. I appreciate how much people have put into this community and I’m particularly happy that we’ve been able to come together as a community to provide encouragement, support and engaging conversations while still maintaining this as one of the most pleasant places on the Internet.

Kudos to you @JoshFossgreen for building and fostering a place where all this could happen.

I look forward to another great year ahead for all of us.
:metal: :smiling_imp: :metal:


This - as they say - boggles the mind! I kinda knew it, but seeing it written and listed like that is still unbelievable. I am also quite sure that no one has handed out more hearts than you have, Eric… probably not even by a long-shot!

I’ve said it before - you are the soul and the encyclopedic memory of this forum and a huge thank you for that :grinning:

Onwards to 2021!!



And kudos to you for all the efforts that you have put into these Forums! :wink:

Cheers and best wishes for a Happier New Year in 2021

All best, Joe


WOW @eric.kiser, all I can say is sorry for wasting your time with my (at times constant) dribble. Massive thanks for putting in time with the forums. Merry Christmas and may your New Year be everything you wish it could be.


Thanks Eric for all your efforts helping to make this site as great as it is.
Looking forward to another great BassBuzzing year to come!


So that’s what I noticed @eric.kiser Thanks for your efforts to keep up. looking forward to your Bassbuzz project!



Have a happy 2021 BassBuzzyear!


I agree With everything others have written Eric @eric.kiser, a BIG thanks👍
The encouragement and support on the forum over the year is what keeps us all developing and being better at playing our basses.
Covid as BAD as it, has impacted on so many around the world in so many different ways, I for one would probably never have got on board bass buzz , hell prior to Covid restrictions I hardly ever picked one of my basses up, they had just sat in their cases in the back shed being lonely and feeling unloved.
So from all that BAD I have found GOOD, I have friends from all over the world.
I have built some great relationships over the year, learned so much, shared lots, enjoyed the ZOOM hangs, caught up and had lunch with the guys who live local in Melbourne.
I have watched, listened and enjoyed seeing how much everyone else has grown over the year in there playing ability, confidence to put themselves out there to share their growth and I look forward to seeing and hearing more in 2021.
Thanks Josh @JoshFossgreen for putting together a course that encourages self growth, is motivating and provides humour along the journey, it has I’m sure assisted those struggling due to the situation engulfing the world over the last 9 months.
If you need a pick me up you can always head back to a favourite part of the course “NOT Billie Jean” and have a laugh with the big BANANA :sunglasses:
On that note I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous 2021.
Cheers Brian


I suspect that’s the project that you and I discussed? I will assist you, of course.


that’s incredible @eric.kiser ! I can’t imagine how much time you have invested in all that. impressive dedication.


Thanks everybody!

That’s the one. :+1:

This… :arrow_up:


That’s amazing Eric! Thanks so much for all the time and energy you put into the community here, and especially thank you for maintaining the BassBuzz YouTube Video Guide, super helpful! You rock!

This blows me away still. So grateful to all the wonderful individuals here that come together to create that atmosphere!


Me too. favourite part is NOT Billie Jean. (Sorry for Canadian spelling).