Any Bass Players from Ireland on here

Any bass players from Ireland out of curiosity.


I get to claim some Irish heritage back to County Clare on my Mom’s side… but that’s as close as I can get. I really want to visit.


I’m kind of surprised at the lack of emerald bassists; with an icon like Phil Lynnott to look up to and a strong tradition of playing four stringed and percussive instruments.


@Gio Clare is lovely, great beach there. Lovely sceneries along the burren. I’m based Galway so very close to Clare. We can see the Clare mountains from salthill in Galway.

@PeteP I agree. Phil is a legend. To play bass and sing and have stage presence is something. The music museum in Dublin has a lot of his gear, jackets, PA system and 2 of his Bass Guitars, the most famous black body with silver scratch plate, all donated by his late mother philomena.

Trying to learn his songs. Bloody difficult.