Any experience with a U-Bass?


I don’t practice bass as much as I want because it’s a bit of a hassle what with the amp, a bulky bass etc. I do play my 3/4 acoustic guitar loads though cos it small enough to keep in my lounge. This has got me thinking I might invest in a ukulele bass aka u-bass, this sort of thing…

Anyone have any experience of them?

The one down side is limited fret range but I think I can live with that.


I don’t have any experience with the U-Bass, but I recently bought a Micro Bass from Gold Tone so I could easily play acoustic outside with my friends and I gotta say I LOVE it. It is kind of similar to the U-Bass, I believe it has the same pickup and rubber strings but is just a little bit longer (mine is a 23’’). I can take it out so easily and play wherever I want and that has made me practice a lot more. The sound is also quite surprising when plugged in an amp. It’s not super loud so playing with more than one other guitarist is difficult, but they also make them with metal coated strings which makes them louder (but then you lose the roundness of the rubber string sound). I would definitely recommend it!


Liking the look of that a lot.

How loud does it play acoustically?



I got a U-Bass a couple of weeks ago because I wanted something easier to transport when I go to visit family. I really like it. It has a very upright sound, which I like for playing along with bluegrass. You will spend a lot of time tuning and retuning for the first week though. Those rubber strings take a while to stretch. I would also recommend watching one of the many restringing “how to” videos on YouTube to avoid binding issues with the D and G strings. I think I restrung mine twice while breaking the strings in.


I LOVE the U Bass.
I have several - an acoustic and an electric.
The electric is fun, because it can fit in a tour van, and you can shred in your seat - it was super handy for on-the-road demo recording.
The acoustic is not loud enough for a campfire jam with an acoustic guitar, but plenty loud for acoustic practicing.
Here’s the biggest and best and most important hint about the acoustic U Bass:
Kala (the U Bass makers) have put a lot of time and effort into different string styles. The standard Big Black Rubber things are really frustrating for intonation, holding pitch, and feel of the right hand.
They have lots of other options of varying degrees of softness that are worth checking out.
Hope that’s helpful!


Thanks for the info, folks. Sounds like I’m gonna have to do some research on strings


which strings do you like?


Audry -

I have the round wounds on my electric, and - I ~think~ I have the Aquila silver rumblers on my acoustic. It’s been a while since I got them, and I’m going on photos, and vague memories.
Here are the options from Kala - I’d LOVE to try the pyramids, and the silver plated strings.
Cool stuff to be played with for sure.


thank you, Gio!


When I built my Bass (fish) U-Bass I put the rubber strings on it. 22" scale played acoustically very low volume, 3 piezos in it plugged into small amp wasn’t much better. Changed to Micro Bass Silverbacks (silver wrapped nylon core) .049, .065, .090, .115. I like them Volume is much better. What I don’t like about it is I used Ukulele nut and bride. Total width on nut 1 1/2" bridge 2 3/8" Bass gives you more finger room nut 1 3/4" bridge 3 1/4". So now I’m looking at building another one. I’d better learn how to play them.