Any experience with BSS AR133 DI box

I am looking for a DI box and after some research, I found out this one, which is for fair money and has quite a good reviews.

Does anyone have any experience with this box?

Don’t know much about it. If I was buying a DI, I’d buy a Radial one as they are highly regarded. Probably a bit more expensive though. That one you linked does have good reviews though so I’m sure it’s good too.

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I was about to buy Neve DI, but my girlfriend starts to be quite unhappy with me spending a few grand a month for music gear (while it’s not my job) so I wanted to make a couple of low prices purchased to calm her. :confused:

I’ve always just used the DI off preamps and never had an issue.

Is this for live or pro studio use? Is there a reason you need it for the home studio? I actually did once due to a ground loop, so it happens :slight_smile:

I don’t think I would spend a lot on a standalone DI - plenty of perfectly fine ones in preamps. I even used a $30 BDI-21 for it once and it was flawless.

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There’s this old gym hall in a nearby village and there’s an old system and the whole thing is constructed that from the podium where all the repros and so on are, the cables have to travel back in that room (something like 120 feet and back). We would like to play here and there in that gym, but almost 300 feet of cabling will do insane things to the signal and cheap, active DI box seems like the easiest way how to solve it.

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Seems like a decent DI box. It does need power since it’s active. Probably works better for longer distances?

For 12 euros you can also get the Millenium. This one is passive and needs no power. I like Millenium, great quality for low prices. You could get more of these boxes to keep the distance between your cables shorter?

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Yeah you’ll definitely want a DI for that :slight_smile:

I would use this as an excuse to buy a preamp but really I bet any inexpensive powered DI would be fine. Maybe even a passive if you have another pedal with a buffer behind it.


I thought about that. But for now, I will buy this. It seems like a good price/value compromise, it has good recommendations. Simple active DI will do for now and if I will use it more often than not, I will buy myself a Neve preamp. (Ruppert Neve was Leo Fender of gear.) But thanks for the advice.

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I need active one. As I mentioned in the post above, I will be battling a few hundred feet of cabling and active DI box is easy solution.


Yeah sorry, active seems like a good choice. Passive can give noise in the signal, I was just wondering if you could use multiple passive DI boxes.

I actually bought a Neve preamp as plugin for my DAW. I think it was the Neve 1073

And how does it sound? I am using SSL emulations since I could afford them, but everything Neve was always top notch.

You can go a lot if directions with this but I would say it is the most warmest sound that I got from a preamp. I has that vintage vibe to it as well.

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