Any sexy new basses you've got your eye on?


Oh man yes, MTD basses are so drool-inducing. I’ve played a few really nice old custom MTDs, you’re reigniting my lust for them just by mentioning the name lol.


Just found this one. A Warwick Vampyre SN. I’m lovin it.



Happy Halloween, indeed.


Haha!!! Brutalllllll. Is anyone but Gene Simmons allow to play it? :stuck_out_tongue: :ghost: :kiss:




New item of my GAS.


This one’s (visually alone) a beauty:


What do you have that tuned to? Don’t they come in a lower tuning from the factory?


I really like the Spector Bantam 4:


Wooooow that’s crazy pretty. Would love to see it in action, looks like it was make of fluorescent asteroid bits or something.


When I want to see sexy basses, I just take a bit of time over on Ritter Instruments. That dude’s designs are off the charts.


Hoooo boy… what a beauty :smile: