Any sexy new basses you've got your eye on?


Personally I’m itching to try one of those Sire Jazz basses and see if they’re as exciting as many have said.

Also can’t wait for Victor Wooten to come back to town, sometimes he lets me play his Fodera after soundcheck. :sunglasses:

Oh and sometimes I think about grabbing one of those short-scale Fender Mustangs… so purdy.

What about you?


You should get a Mustang. You would like it. I’m very pleased with mine. I have my eye on a fretless Squire, I might be able to get it for less than $200. Don’t have a reason why. Just want to try a fretless.

You hang with Victor Wooten? Dang. :smiley:


SIf I ever get to a level beyond basic, I’d love to have a Spector NS5 XL made in the US. Way pricy but they’re just beautiful and I love the sound.


Ooh yeah pretty. Spector basses seem nice, I have limited experience with them but I’d like to try more.


I just got one of these JMJ Mustangs and they’re terrific. Super fun. I banged through the bass buzz class on a full scale and I’m a bit smaller in size. Now that I have a short scale to tinker around on it feels like I fly around the neck much more comfortably.


If my budget could take the hit I would love to try a status graphite. With the fretboard lights of course!


Oooh nice! I want to try one of those so badly!

YES that sounds so fun. Mark King licks all day. :slight_smile:


The local shop just got in a little short scale with flatwounds… It’s amazing!! Flats on a short scale sound PERFECT for 70s funk basslines.
I never liked flats because they were too tight… but on the little bitty short scale, they have more give, and they sound like they’re straight off a Herbie Hancock record.
The bass is a Hagstrom, and has tons of good-lookin’ vibe… a scratchy pot or two… but it was suuuuper groovy.


My dad worked for Spector In the 80s when they were in Brooklyn, he made a Ns1 in the shop and had it for many years , unfortunately he sold it around 2010 and I regret not buying it from him at the time . I always keep my eyes open for that bass I’m willing to overpay for it just to give it back to him as a surprise

Did you ever sell gear that you shouldn't have sold?

If you have a picture consider posting it in the talk bass forums. They have a large Spector community that might be able to track down the current owner.


Thank you


Bought a new to me Squier 20th Anniversary Jazz Bass in Shoreline Gold today. Looked good, like the color & the price was good. Now to recover from rotator cuff surgery so I can start playing again.


Be on top of your PT. I did everything they told me, and I was at Milwaukee Brewers baseball fantasy camp 8 months later throwing baseballs for a week.


Roger. Maintenance and follow through. The hard part about being human. On it!


I’m seriously drooling over an Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray Special 4HH right now. I can hardly go a day without visiting sites and checking out all the color and neck options. It’s a far better bass than my meager playing can justify, but it will be added to my stable eventually. I was wanting a Fender USA Geddy Lee Jazz Bass, but I think the Stingray has my mind swayed…



Saving my pennies.


Love the metallic finish with the texture-y looking pickguard. So pretty.


Vox V210 Phantom IV Bass 1965

First of all it is my year and then I just loooove the look.
Did one of you guys ever play on one? I would love to hear if it’s worth the price.


Never played one but looks weird and cool!


I am currently saving for a Sire P7 or V7 bass but ultimate groove machines in my mind is a MTD bass. I love the MTD tone especially the Justin Raines Signature model.

Example: from 2:49-on

One day!

Oh and it looks great too!