Did you ever sell gear that you shouldn't have sold?


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@supersam1914 posted about his dad selling an awesome Spector NS1 that he built, which he’s now trying to find again, which made me think of the 60’s Fender basses that my dad used to have, but sold many years ago… damnit. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ever sold any gear that you’re banging your head against the wall about now?


Haven’t we all? As a younger man I’m afraid to say I was swayed by the marketing of several companies only to realise I’d probably lost what I thought I was gaining. Words of caution - If yr equipment feels and sounds good to you personally, don’t listen to anyone else unless yr looking for something else. Thankfully since my 40’s I’ve kept gear I thought was “me” and proved myself right!


Words of wisdom! I’m never ever selling my Cirrus, even if I switch over to another main axe someday. Sentimental value can’t be replaced. Although 60’s Fender basses aren’t very easy to replace either. :tired_face:


Fender American Strat new , but hey I play bass now haha