Any sexy new basses you've got your eye on?

Two too many strings but I love it

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Takamine TB10

I want one. Will I get one? Maybe someday.


I’ve got my eye on a schecter stiletto now. 4 string, can be a p bass or a stingray style, or whatever those sound like put together? Plus it’s a lovely black.


They’re pretty sweet, here’s my 5 string


Similar one at the music shop I was gassing over:

It was a bit too much and they wouldn’t wiggle on the price or throw in some flats.


Pretty. This makes me wonder how split pickups work with five strings though.

Edit: after some thought I’m guessing it’s the same number of windings in both parts, but you put three poles in one and only two in the other or something very similar. Maybe three poles in each, but the overlap ones have half the magnetic field strength?

Kind of interesting experience last night having dinner with a moderately new friend (been a really good neighbour to my sick aunt) who was with a well known band many years ago as they started getting noticed as he was uncomfortable with how the big time chewed people up and spat them out.

Anyway he had half a dozen guitars along with a Squier Jazz bass he was ‘fooling around with’ (he’s been a pro photographer since quitting pro music). So i got to have a little play with the Squier.

Since I started in the Spring I’ve only really played my Fender acoustic and Ibanez Mezzo, both 32" medium scales, but mainly the Mezzo which weighs in at aroud 7.5lbs I think.

So a few big come aways having got used to that Mezzo. 1. Man that Squier is HEAVY. Think I would have a problem with that. 2. Interesting that I really didn’t notice the extra 2". Maybe I would if playing for longer. 3. Hated the feel of the round wounds compared to my flats :laughing: 4. Loved the sound of the jazz, though not as much variation in tone as my j/p.

Altogether very interesting after only really playing the one bass for the last 6 months (bought the Mezzo in September)


This was me in the beginning, but over time I’ve found both offer amazing things. I think beginners like flats because they sound better with a lesser skill set (esp in the muting department). The other thing rounds give is more audible feedback while playing vs flats which can throw one off as well.

It’s really hard to evaluate just about anything when you’re playing an instrument isolated in your basement/etc alone. You’d be surprised how bad a lot of things sound in this scenario.

I’m about 1/2 and 1/2 on basses now rounds and flats.


I think I found my jazz bass.


Oh cool. MIJ Special Noir like the P-Bass was?


Oh no, the sound was great. Overall it was a lovely sound definitely a step up from my Mezzo which really is a pretty cheap beginner’s bass. Good for the price but this was a lot better. No, it was the feel of them I didn’t like. It’s a shame bass strings are so pricey, I’d like to do a lot more experimentation.