Any software for Mac to transcribe from songs?

Hi! Any recommended software for Mac to transcribe from songs that we have in Spotify or YouTube? I have found one but only can be used with Apple Music and I don’t want to pay more to Apple for having same music I have in other apps.
I would like to be able to extract the bass lines to tablature or sheet music. Do yo know any?
Thank you :pray:

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So, when you say “transcribe”, what do you exactly mean by that? Listen to what is played and work it out on your own (and perhaps write it out in notation)?? Or, have a software do this for you and directly produce tab or notation? I am not sure the latter exists, but I’d be curious to learn otherwise…

For songs that you found on YT, you could use something like this:

It lets you paste in the YT URL and then define regions for looping while also adjusting the speed of playback. It doesn’t have an EQ though.

A more “complicated” workflow would be to extract audio from a YT video (e.g., using Downie on Mac), then subject that audio file to stem separation using Moises or similar tools, and then feed the isolated bass into Transcribe! for slowing down, looping, further EQ’ing, as well as transposing an octave up (always a good trick for bass) and transcribe in that matter.

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Hello, thank you for your reply! My intention is to extract the bass line from a YouTube video or a Spotify song and then transcribe it; but I have only managed to extract it using Apple Music (so I have had to buy the song, despite already having it on Spoty) and I have extracted the bass line with Moises, but I can’t transceive it, because I can’t find any software to do it :pensive:

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I don’t know about Spotify, but for any song on YouTube, you should be able to use either of the two methods I described earlier.

Good luck :smile: