Any specialists of DAW and Scarlett solo?

Hi there,

I was trying something, but hit a roadblock, and was wondering if it is even possible to achieve that.
Here is the setup :

  • Scarlett solo connected to computer
  • Computer connected to super duper audio system
  • Bass connected to Scarlett solo
  • Scarlett solo connected (via out at the back) to bass amp
  • Abelton Live Lite centralizing all of that

Is there a way to route the bass signal to the amp (and not to hear it through the computer audio system) and the backing track routed to the computer (and not through the bass amp) ?

Let me know if I am not explaining it OK !

Happy Bass day,

I would instead skip the bass amp completely and play the bass though the Super Duper Audio System, driven by the Line Outs on the back, using the Focusrite as a USB Audio Output for your computer


Yes, that works perfectly. Thing is I would like to play with sound shaping offered by the amp … :wink:


Three options then.

  • Amp sim VST’s in the DAW (best IMO)
  • If the amp has a DI out after its preamp, plug the bass into the amp and the DI out in to the audio interface input. Need to take care with line levels here though. It’s possible the amp line out is line level and not mic/DI level.
  • If the DI out is before the preamp or it does not have one, then you need to look in to load boxes/reamping/etc

fourth option (hardest to get right IMO but very common) would be to mic the amp and run the mic in to the audio interface. This is likely the most traditional method.

You can also record both the miked and dry direct signals and blend them.


You are the Man!

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i was typing out the first set and feeling like I was forgetting something and then was like “Oh yeah duh, just mike it old-school.” :rofl: