Any thoughts on the Funk Bass course by Dan Hawkins

Hey everyone,

I’ve recently finished the beginner to badass course and I’m looking for new ways to improve my playing. I will in the upcoming months start with band lessons with my bother in law to actually play with others. Besides this, I was also considering starting private lessons but as I’m a still student I don’t think I will have the time/money to engage in both private lessons as well as band lessons.

Now, as I would love to get funky in the future Dan Hawkins his Funk Bass course seems very intriguing (both on the content as well as the price). I was wondering if anyone here had some experience with this course and if they would recommend it. (other suggestions on online courses focussing on funk are also welcome).


I’ve not seen this one before (not that I was actively searching either), but it looks very interesting and the price is very affordable, with a money back guarantee.

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I’m doing his Soul, Motown course @bouty and it’s really well put together.

I think he’s one of the better teachers out there.

Plus it’s a money back guarantee. :man_shrugging:


I’m really interested in this too.

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I was reading through his course bla bla bla just last night, wondering if it should be the next step. Also interested to hear what others think…

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Thanks for the input!

I believe @John_E signed up for this course last year(?). Don’t remember if it was a hit, or not.

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Haven’t done his courses but I like Dan as a Youtube teacher

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I’d like to check it out when I’ve finished this course

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As some people were interested in this course I’d thought I share my thoughts after going to the first lessons. What I like about his lessons is that he breaks down the baselines by explaining technique -, theoretic - and rhythmic aspects. But, as funk music very much relies on 16th notes and advanced techniques, going from the B2B course to this one is (for me at least) quite challenging. I cannot rely on this course only to keep improving my bass skills (like with B2B) and have to seek other sources of info. Another difference with the B2B course is that these lessons are very much less structured. As I’m really motivated to play funk music, this isn’t a problem for me and it is a nice way to push the limits of my bass playing capacities. But if you’re not that motivated to learn funk music and/or seek structured lessons (like B2B), I would advise against buying this course. Hope this is helpful for those considering buying it : )


Agree with @bouty.

I do like his teaching style, however, this course gets tough - fast.
I think I tapped out at the 3rd or 4th riff.

You need speed, and, IMO, young hands, or old/quick hands.
I have neither.

Check out Rich Brown on Youtube.
You have to do some navigating to where he starts doing lessons and work your way to present, but man o man, great stuff.
Engaging, great guy and will keep you busy for years.
There are no books or notes, etc.
You have to take them yourself, but, to me, this helps me learn better.


I like Dan on a personal level; he comes across as a really nice, knowledgeable player. I enjoy watching his videos as general topics, but I find him to be a demonstrater more than a teacher. Kinda like a band mate who says, “See? You do it like this.”

Which is fine, as far as it goes. But it doesn’t go far enough for me. YMMV

In contrast, Josh is an exceptionally effective teacher as well as a very talented player. He constantly mixes things up, using a variety of tools (visual, rhetorical, theoretical, practical, humorous) to explain and emphasize points he wants to get across. In short, he knows how to teach students to learn things, not just how to play things.