Anybody good at Final Cut Pro?

EDIT: I figured it out! For anyone having the same issue, this page is what gave me the help I needed: Transitions | WELCOME TO FINAL CUT PRO | Tom Wolsky

Hello everyone! I am trying to make a music video for a competition in Final Cut Pro. I’ve been googling things and mostly figuring it out but I am stuck on one thing. Why are all the transitions I drop in super short/really fast? It wasn’t happening until I cropped one transition (which I have deleted) but now they are all dropping in like that, and it won’t let me lengthen them. Any help would be great!

p.s. this is in-between two 10 second videos, so I don’t think they are too short to make the transition longer.

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when you click on the transition is it not giving you the crop/expand cursor? If you right click on it, do you have the option for change duration?

aka this: Adjust transitions in the Final Cut Pro timeline - Apple Support


Yeah it gives the cursor, but when I try to pull it out the edge of the transition turns red. I can make it even smaller though. I’ve tried deleting the last clip and putting it back in, as well as copy and pasting previous transitions (it won’t let me do it). If I try to drag a previous transition to that spot I get a grey :no_entry_sign: icon.

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May this is why? change transition duration not working - Apple Community

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Is the transition taking place over the beginning or end of a clip? You can only make it longer if extra footage actually exists either side of the transition. Seems obvious, but its a common issue.

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Hi Simon! Welcome to bassbuzz. I was able to figure out the issue but thank you!

I’ve lived daily in Final Cut Pro X for many years. Hit me up if you ever have a question.

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