Anyone around module 10 willing to try to learn this one with me ? :)

Always been a ska-fan since my early years, so i couldn’ resist to put myself up to some challenge:

I simply love the tunes, and it is for me still quite a stretching torture for playing the main theme. This is my first day on it, and i believe this to be executable given some time.
I finding it like summerizing much about what we got taught up to module 10, right @JoshFossgreen ?

I am learning it 50% speed -you can reduce speed clicking on Youtube’s cog. I am aware it is perhaps a bit tough to get it, but heh, one needs challenge sometimes, not ?

Anyone up for a little competition ?


@xdelanoy Let it be. I’m in!
What are the rules? How much time I have? And then what??:sweat_smile:


Let’s say 1 month from now on ? At full speed ? And well, I guess everyone’s esteem here, perhaps ? Dunno ? ^^
Video proofed ?

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Ok, accepted!! I’ll be in touch :wink:


Here is some material for it: First, the original song: The Specials - Gangsters (Official Music Video) [HD] - YouTube
((sorry haven’t found the correct tabs out, assuming the ones on the video are legit))

The Specials: their background: The Specials - Wikipedia
And the song’s story itself: Gangsters (song) - Wikipedia


Thanks! Most often I learn by imitating the player (hand position etc). This cover video shows very well how this guy plays, it should be enough for me to learn :+1:


Damn, I really don’t proceed that way. I usually get the right hand and rythmics pretty fast, have a good ear, and being a frustrated percussions guy. For left hand, i need to see tabs, or notes at worst, and trying to locate the frets on my bass by instinct -getting there, not reliable method yet-. And then when i meet some roadblock, I just go do some video game, or cook, and forget until next day :wink: