Anyone do 3 or 4 finger plucking for running 16ths?

If you do 3, do you double back on your middle or just have a constant running 3 fingers to 4 notes? Is there a specific exercise to help develop this skill?


I’ve been doing this lately. A couple bassists I watch use 3 fingers (Boh and Mina) so I’ve been experimenting. Mina has small hands so I’m interested in her technique from that aspect as well.

Also as I hold the bass more like a classical guitar, using 3 fingers is a super natural movement.

I’m probably going to restart the course using this technique to solidify the foundation. To practice, I play Iron Man. There’s plenty of double and triple note combos. When I do the B B D B A# A A A section, I finish with ring middle index to punctuate the last note.

Here’s Mina as an example. For context, this is a thank you to Davie504 for doing a bass battle with her. But at the end you see her submission to him with a good view of both hands

Starts around 4:30. David sent her a file with his parts, and she filled in with her phrases.

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I’ve also been experimenting with this technique recently but struggle with the dexterity side of things.
I suppose if the likes of Josh, Steve Harris, etc manage more than adequately with alternative plucking using 2 fingers I should be satisfied yet I still try probably out pure stubbornness :joy: