Anyone doing a DI with Linux

Picked up my tuner today (first lesson!), and…almost picked up an amp. I have a little 6" bass amp, and it really sounds pretty bad, though it sounds really good with headphones The Rumble 40 looked pretty good, but I have a space issue in the room where I will be playing. So I thought about using a DI…

I have a Focusrite Scarlett 2i|2 that I bought last summer and was messing with it with a purpose built distribution of Linux ( AV Linux). It worked right out of the box without having to load any drivers are anything! I was thinking about bringing the bass and Josh’s lessons in together through the head phones.

Anyone else doing this?

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I haven’t tried mine with linux but since DAIs are basically just USB Audio Devices my guess it is should just basically work. It might be a little “raw” (i.e. the vendor drivers might do things like correct levels and sampling rates from the DAI) but in general I bet it will just work reasonably well.