Anyone else in school for bass?

I started attending musicians institute online this past fall, was curious if anyone else is doing school as well? I have been playing for years, stopped forna bit after kid’s were born, and between Josh, Mark and Scott and there youtube videos and courses reignited my passion for playing. I bought joshs course b2b for a refresher and i bought the slap course from mark at talkingbass. I was signed up for scotts bass lessons to at one point.


I have a private lesson, but not a daily or weekly lesson, it’s once or twice a month depending on how much time I have. It’s more like golf lesson for me now, it’s not very long and it’s several bite size work out.


There’s a School of Rock opening nearby this month. I was thinking about taking a few lessons both for getting an idea of where I stand and what I need to work on. Also the focus in playing in an actual band. I don’t have time for long term lessons like that but I figured a couple weeks worth would be beneficial.

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I did my bass-in-school time a long while ago.
But high fives for putting in the time.

It was the most bass-productive, improvement-filled, and musician-meeting time in my life. Good, good times.

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