Anyone know about Fernandes MIJ necks?

Looking at a parts build bass to build out further and it has a Fernandes neck on it.
I don’t know a thing about them, can anyone shed some light?
Is it comparable to a Squire neck/better?

It is on a Squire body that is exactly what I am looking for.


I don’t know too much about Fernandes but I do know they make a range of guitars from entry level up through mid to high end. So I guess it would depend on which one you got, but I would guess equal or better than Squier.

Never played one myself though so I can’t say for sure. But if you’re sure it’s a MIJ then it’s probably a good neck.



I love my Fernandes. mine is 20+ yrs old and its awesome. Looking forward to seeing this build


I ended up going another way for my ‘red build’, so I didn’t actually buy this one, but I think its a darn good deal is anyone is looking for a solid P bass with lots of upgrades.


That thing looks cool.


I don’t know what Fernandes is up to now, but their stuff in the 80s? 70s? was killler! I know a few buddies who had a Fernandes as their main road axe because it was affordable, played great, and they wouldn’t be devastated if something happened to it.
One of my biggest bass regrets was not buying a Fernandes Tele/J-bass that I found while on tour in Cambridge, Mass.
It was only $600 or so, and played like a dream and had vibes for DAYS.



This guy dropped the price of this even more.
I went another way but someone should snap this up.

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