Anyone know good drills for strumming basslines?

Hey folks, strumming looks like a much better way to play fast rock basslines (motorhead) than standard picking, where you only pick the notes as they come up.

Has anyone got experience in this area - maybe with a normal guitar? If so, any advice, drills or resources would be gratefully received, although I have a feeling the answer will be “start slow…” :wink:

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Reckon it’s pretty much like playing power chords on guitar @Ed .
But definitely start slowly :joy:

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Oo classic Josh - nice find :slight_smile:

I think he does his strumming slightly differently - he only strums when he hits a note so he might go strum, rest, strum, rest, strum, strum etc. Whereas, in the motorhead video, the guy’s strumming hand is constantly moving to keep time, but he’s muting the strings or something every now and again for the rhythm.

Sigh… start slow :wink:

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I also found this @Ed

Lemmy’s Marshalls are set with the volume and gain at 3 o’clock, mid cranked full, bass and treble totally off . He does often play double stops, but usually has the open E or A ringing out underneath as a drone to fill out the sound.

Apparently drone notes and power chords are the way to go.
And Lemmy began his musical career as a guitarist


Interested in knowing this too.
The Morphine stuff is a lot of strumming up and down and I’m trying to get it under my fingers. Drills would be cool. But I suspect it’s a lot of slow and burn it into your brain type stuff that just comes with time. Retraining hands.


Yeah i was thinking about going semi fretless on the Rick - only the 5th and 7th frets are needed for most Motorhead tracks :wink:

I get a pretty good tone from my Motorbass pedal actually, although I wish my neighbours would take a couple days holiday so I could crank up the amp a bit…

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It’s starting to look that way @John_E . Oh god it’s going to take ages…

I am definitely waiting with interest to see how the Morphine project is going :slight_smile:

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It is going really well, with a pause.
A grounding issue has the bass at a shop with the builder paying for the work.
Pre-that, the issue i was running up against is needing the up/down strum to get some of the faster notes/passages (even on his slower songs). He was a guitarist first (damn guitarist first people!!!). I was starting to get the hang of it but wanted this issue resolved first.

I am eyeing 3 tunes to do, maybe 4 on both bass and bari.
Ready to record some bari parts now and trying out new mic and placement and reverb plugins to dial in the tone.

The ‘bad’ part about the slide bass is that it is so damn fun to play (and kinda easier esp once over the strumming thing) that it’s hard not to pick it up first and just play all day.

Always sounds good when everything you play is a perfect fifth, lol.

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The eternal dilemma - whether to do something developmental or goof off all day :wink: