Anyone live in Munich?

Hey Bass Buzzers,

I am going to be in Munich w/o September 11-16.
Not sure where all the German folks on the forum are located.
Let me know if you are close by and want to meet up, or let me know what music stores I should not miss.


This is almost in time for Octoberfest, no!?

You know, I am not sure there are that many Germans here in the forum… and I certainly don’t want to accidentally label some of our Dutch, Belgian, Luxemburgian, Swiss or Austrian friends as German (usually, not a popular move :wink:)
@juli0r comes to mind, but he hasn’t been around much. Also, I don’t think he is from the Munich area.

I am German originally (and grew up not far from Munich), but I haven’t lived there in more than 25 years.

So, sorry, not much help! But Munich is a great place to visit… lots of good food (and, yes, that includes beer, as it is considered a basic food staple in Bavaria). If the weather is still nice (and it should be), try to hit one of the classic beergardens - a must!!

I’ve been a few times prior to Germany ans also during Octoberfest. A tough time for gluten free peeps like me on the beer front. Lol.

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Ah, yes, I forgot :sweat_smile:

I’d actually advise anyone NOT to go to Octoberfest - it’s literally a zoo!
Those old-school beer gardens are much better!!

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I was stationed in Northern Germany for a few years in the 90’s. I worked with a bunch of NATO people from lots of different countries. A German fellow Officer and I were flying back to London for a meeting.
As we were coming in to land he looked out of the window he dryly said
“Ah this would be familiar to my Grandfather, he often flew this route”.
I said (not thinking) “Oh did he fly for Lufthansa?”
“No it was during the war, he bombed the SHIT out of this place” :slight_smile:

Good times there, many German, Dutch and French friends from that job.


I’m nearby, but unfortunately not enough to show up for a drink after work during the week, and this Sunday we are out of town…
If you don’t know it already, you’ll be just two and a half hours driving away from Thomann :grin:
Enjoy your stay there!


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