Anyone tried JOYO JBA-100 Bass Guitar Amplifier - 100W 15"?

I play at the church and looking for a personal amp I can use at home and bring when playing for the church. Has anyone tried this amp? I’m from the Philippines but the website below is from AU though (posting this website since it got all the specs which I don’t understand as a beginner).

This one caught my attention since it’s got a 15 inch 100w for the price. Thank you!

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It’s probably a good deal for an amp with built-in EQ and a 15" speaker. At well over 27 kg it seems kinda heavy though… If you plan on taking it with you, weight is definitely a factor. For comparison: a Fender Rumble 100 (which has a 12" speaker) weighs about half of that.

Our church is just within the neighborhood across the road so that’s not a deal breaker for me. Yes, what I’m primarily looking at is the speaker , eq and wattage :smile:

100w speaker at that price I’d probably look for some of the mainstream amp. Boss Katana, Fender Rumble. They sound much better. Joyo is know for making smaller stuffs. If its table top may be Joyo is a good choice. The Rumble series offer incredible value for the sound you get.

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It also depends on how big your church is and how loud the drummer is. 100W may not cut it (or even come close).

I don’t have much experience with bands in churches but the ones I have seen were at full gig volume. You’d need to ask a churchgoer I guess :slight_smile:

A few people here in worship bands, they might chime in too.

We currently have an RJ (Philippine brand) 50w bass amp which kinda works but I can’t get the tone I want from it. Drummer plays without mic, guitar and keyboard have the same amp wattage. I’d like to cut through and hear myself without turning the volume that much (coz most of the time I’m told to lower my volume down LOL).

Ahh cool, good to know.

The only sample of a church band I have seen was a really elaborate set of gear, way more than most bands have - a sound guy running a 24 channel mixer everyone was DI’d to out to a few thousand watts of PA, with local monitors for the band and control room style monitors for the sound guy. It probably wasn’t the intended effect given the venue but yeah the sins of unrequited avarice, greed and envy were definitely in the room for me :rofl:

Given the acoustics could have been a sweet recording studio. Natural hall reverb :slight_smile: