Apart from music recording, which software and/or apps do you use?

Music recording aside, which other software and/or apps do you use as a bass-player?

I use Transcribe! and Musescore.


Moisses for many things but track separation and bass mute is a big thing for me.

Guitar Pro 8 is a convenient notation app.

I have Soundcorset (metronome, tuner, recorder in one), perfect ear and Moises on my phone.

On my laptop I have Rocksmith.

Don’t have anything yet that properly records the bass.

Ultimate Guitar.

Yamaha ChordTracker (scans any song and maps the chord changes)
Metronomics (varies the subdivisions played based on probability sliders. Good for practicing to a drum line that isn’t consistent)
Drum Beats + (easy starter set of drum sounds and rhythm libraries)
Pro Metronome by EUM (Easy general use metronome)
iReal Pro

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Metronome for… ya know… metronome.

iStroboSoft + the 1/4" to lighting adapter to intonate and do really fine tuning. i have a pedal tuner but i find this is super accurate, easier, and 1/5th the price of a physical peterson strobe pedal.


This depends on if you count virtual instruments and amp sims as part of recording or not. They are in the DAW but I use them for more than just recording. So,

  • Kilohearts Phase Plant, plus Multipass and SnapHeap and all their snapin effects
  • Arturia V collection (~30 synths)
  • Arturia Pigments
  • Quite a few effects from Melda Production; mostly MChorusMB, MCharmVerb, and MDoubleTracker. Sometimes MTuner.
  • A few other synths from time to time
  • Melodyne 5 (surprisingly useful for analysis as well as correction)
  • A bunch of amp/cab sims, mostly from Kuassa or Brainworx
  • Yamaha ChordTracker and Peterson iStroboSoft on my phone. Oh and the Ikebe Gakki app :rofl:

That’s probably most of it. There’s a lot more I use while recording, mixing and mastering. And online I use Songsterr a lot.

Ultimate Guitar
Chord progression master
Captain plugins
Guitar Pro
SBL groove trainer

And more plugins than i can reasonably list here :crazy_face:

Some time ago, I got an app for iPhone, “Complete Music Reading Trainer,” by Binary Guilt Software. It’s like a video game, you progress though levels, has bass, treble clefs and more. I don’t use it enough, but have done most of two chapters of Level One, at least. I no doubt heard of this app somewhere in the B2B forums.

Binary Guilt also makes two other apps, Complete Ear Trainer, and Complete Rhythm Trainer.

Thank you all for sharing :slight_smile: Now I know what to do this weekend. Tested positive for corona, so can’t go out :face_with_thermometer:


Take it easy. I had the 'rona and the fatigue is what kicked my ass hard. I still have no sense of smell.


https://splitter.ai/ (to remove bass tracks)
Guitar Scientist: The Most Powerful Guitar Diagrams Editor Online (to draw fretboard diagrams)
Tempo (metronome that can mute individual beats)
Drum Beats + (drums)
GarageBand app (more drums)
Groove Scribe (to make custom drum grooves)
Pano Tuner (to see how out of tune I am when singing)
Complete Ear Trainer (for more frustration)

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Transcribe! for transcribing, Crescendo for composing, RX9 for stripping bass from songs (and a few other functions).


Also Spark app. It’s a great practicing app the only thing is you have to own a spark.

that seems like a fairly significant impediment :sweat_smile:

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Primarily Song Surgeon for transposing, song chord transcribing, slow downer, and instrument isolation. https://songsurgeon.com


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Guitar Pro 8 has so many good new features in it!

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