App to isolate bass tracks in songs

Hey all - I have no connection to this app but I thought it might be of interest. I’ve been playing with “Moises” (Android and iOS) for about 20 mins now and it seems to have some promise.

It lets you upload (or share a URL) a song, which it splits into vocals, drums, bass and guitar/other. It lets you then isolate any of these tracks. Quality was varied - sometimes the bass was a bit low/murky or other tracks not quite right but generally pretty decent. The paid version also lets you change tempo and switch keys.


interesting. may need to check this out. thanks for the info


Moises used to be available on the web as well. Not sure if that’s still the case:

Personally I like Splitter a lot, which works in a similar way:


Heard about this on Mark Smith’s Talking Bass live hang last week. I’ve downloaded it but haven’t run anything through it yet. Looking forward to it.

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I’ve run some pretty average phone recordings of our lounge room jams through the basic AI mastering (as well as original versions of the songs we were covering as reference tracks) and the instrumental side sounds better. (Sadly there is no cure for my subpar vocals :slight_smile:

iZotope uses the same underlying audio splitting code as Moises (specifically, deezer/spleeter) in Master Rebalance for both RX9 and Ozone, which are top tier audio recovery and mastering tools, respectively.


I use a plugin called Peel that works pretty well. It’s $34 atm on Plugin Boutique, plus you get uJam’s virtual drummer Beatmaker Phat 2 for free atm (it’s a set of playable drum loops).

Wow Moises does a terrible job trying to isolate Peter Hook basslines. I guess that would be expecting a lot though, the one I want to analyze doesn’t go below D2 :slight_smile:

Might try Peel or RipX to see if they have more controls.


I stuck battle hymn by manowar in Moises to see what would happen and also got some hilarious results.

To be fair to Moises.

Hilarious music in, gets you hilarious music out. :man_shrugging:


The intro is super cool, but I’ll give you the general point.

Note that with RipX you can select one or a group of notes after the initial rip and manually assign them to a different stem if they aren’t in the right place.

RipX did a better job initially, will play more later. Cool tool.

Yep, it’s an ongoing problem I have with jazz, fusion etc. where the bass doesn’t stick to the lower notes, or where solos/melodies are being played on bass.

You could also try this one:

but it’s also struggling!

At least these are easier to sound out without splitting tracks. On second thought is that everyone’s experience or does that come from having played a melody instrument?

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Has anyone given Gaudio? I’ve got it on my radar but don’t have anything to test it out on atm.

Not sure exactly what you mean by “sound out”!?

There are two main uses for these splitters: a) isolate the bass track to transcribe and learn that part; or b) isolate the bass track and remove it, such that you have a backing track for recording (or practicing).

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I am purely interested in analysis and the reason I wanted it is that since melodic bass is often in a range overlapping other instruments it can sometimes be hard to track. In the song I am analyzing, when Hooky drops down in to the D2 range, his notes are hard to distinguish from the guitar, which is riffing in D minor.


(the saddest of all keys!)

:rofl: :metal:


Ah, yeah. I was thinking this version.