Aquila Flat Spirals for U-Bass

I’ve been keeping my eyes out for general availability of these and it looks like it’s happened.

They are available elsewhere but for shipping to Canada nobody beats Strings and Beyond. I ordered my Thunderbrowns through them and they were fantastic with helping me troubleshoot a buzz that I could not get rid of and they even sent me another set to test with.

My order is in so I’ll report back with my findings.

EDIt Corrected the title to include that these are for UBass. Sorry for any confusion

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Are these flatwound?
Have you used phosphor bronze before?
If so, it’ll be interesting to hear the comparison.

They are flat wound, but with an interesting composition. Pasting the description after my text.

I’ve only ever used rubber strings on my Ikea so this will be very different from anything else I’ve tried.

I’ll try to do some recordings both acoustic and plugged in. We’ll see how they sound.

These innovative bass strings use copper instead of stiff metals like steel or nickel, resulting in a richer acoustic performance due to the higher density of copper. Additionally, the strings feature a bioplastic monofilament core called ‘Sugar‘, which has excellent acoustic performance and is produced exclusively by Aquila on a global scale.

These strings are truly innovative for at least two reasons. Fristly, they do not use metals like steel or nickel that are stiff, but instead they use copper that is softer and has a higher density and result in richer acoustic performance. In fact, higher the density, better the sounds. Secondly, these strings feature a bioplastic monofilament core called ‘Sugar’, which is exclusively products by Aquila on a global scale. Sugar has been proven to have superior acoustic performance compared to other plastic materials as evidenced by laboratory measurements.

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