Are dual pots and blend pots the same

I have been rewiring my Harmony H906. I have dpdt slide switches a 250k/1meg dual potentiometer plus a 250k tone pot. I’ve wired the dual pot like a blend pot. Wired the dpdt slide switches in phase. I’m not completely done with the wiring. Would it work the way I have it wired up? I can add another pot for volume or another tone. But, I don’t want to make any more holes in the pickgaurd or remove more of the body.

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A dual pot, also called stereo pot, is exactly a pile of two pots stacked together, that share the same shaft. such a pot has either a A (log), B (lin) or C (reverse log - very rare) curve, or taper :

A blend pot has a MN curve which means that when the shaft is centered, both pots are at 100% :

That’s how you can have both pickups together, fully open, with a blend pot, which is obviously impossible with a dual/stereo pot.

You should probably read this : Blend pot : how and why?


Thank you for the information, and teaching me more about it. Would it still work in my Harmony?

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It would work with any passive pickups.


Awesome :sunglasses: thank you… That’s exactly what I have. How can you tell if you iron is done for? It was working perfectly fine. Well I changed the tip, because it wasn’t functioning properly. That was a few days ago. Then just a few minutes ago. I changed the tip again. It’s not operating like it should. Here’s the ceramic heating element for the iron.

Do you have it too hot and are burning up tips? You want to shoot for about 350C; too much hotter and you can oxidize tips very quickly

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I run the temperature between 450/625F. I was running at 895F till learned more about it. The tips look good still.

The one on the left I’ve used for a couple months maybe longer. But, I’ve noticed that it was taking longer than normal to melt the solder.

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Those actually look pretty oxidized to me, but 625F should be fine.

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Yes they are, but I can get back right. With them two items.

I’m going to try to get the right replacement iron. Then go from there.

Yeah you definitely want to use the wire mesh cleaner and not a sponge. And the cleaner paste can be a good plan too. Lools like they are still tinned well which is good.

I found out the hard way about cleaning and tinning your tips. I bought an iron from Walmart back in December. Well I didn’t know about cleaning and tinning your tips. It was horribly gone. So I left a horrible review to Walmart. Saying that it’s bad that I leave my iron plugged in for 8 hours. Yet I still have to use my torch lighter to get it hotter. So I’m just looking for a replacement iron. For my alcase sd2 and station.

Good morning/evening Howard, I figured out what was going on with my soldering iron. I wasn’t cleaning them good enough. But, I’ll be receiving more tomorrow to do the job right. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I have her back together again. She does work when a screwdriver is used. In the morning I’ll throw some old strings on her. Well here a picture without no strings or knobs.

This is Ms Harmony and Ms Generic Pbass.




Thank you for all of your knowledge and support :blush:

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My pleasure to help. The people I really recommend listening to for this kind of thing are @terb and @Korrigan :slight_smile:


I have read their post

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