Are you in a band? Share your music!


For the last 3.5 years I’ve been touring mostly with Tempest, a progressive Celtic rock band that’s been around for ~30 years. I played on the last two records and you can hear the latest one here -

What about you?


Not in a band… yet. :yum:

So a kid came home from his first bass lesson and his dad asked what he learned. The kid said notes on the E string. The next week dad asked what he had learned. The kids said notes on the A string. As the kid headed out the door the following week dad asked if he was going to learn the D string this week. The kid said, no time, I’ve got a gig.


Haha, classic.


im in my school band its not really a known band, I play tuba and im learning bass guitar so I can be in jazz band


Nice! I love tuba! I tried to learn once, I borrowed one from school over the summer before my senior year of high school, but I just couldn’t get used to having the taste of mouthpiece on my lips all day. :persevere: