I moved inside from out in the garage, and my “office”/“studio” has wall-mounted shelves above my desk. I’ve been re-running computer/laptop/audio cables today, and I have hit my G-D head no less than four effing times in the last 15 minutes or so.


Just whinging.



But is that a real improvement?

Head injuries? Or the new digs?

Don’t matter much. The former I leave to you to decide, LOL, whereas the latter is a resounding yes. I mean, I can’t blast my bass through my amp whenever I want - I have to play through headphones - but other than that it’s a net gain.

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I meant the helmets :grin:



So if someone called you a “knothead” today it would be true?


based on the Thread title …I came here thinking we would be discussing Pirates.// feel better

I can never hear the word Pirates without thinking of my favourite BBC Radio 4 sketch from the early 90’s.


That was good. Thx

Always watch your enemy. It’s like a Mexican stand-off, you can’t blink either!

My only tip would be to create a clear workspace. Kinda like fixing cars: remove the things that are in your way, so when you have to move your head, you got options. Don’t try to “quickly” do it.

You have my sympathy - I sometimes bump my head if I leave open a top kitchen cabinet and reach down into a drawer or something.


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One time I opened a top cabinet to grab a bowl, pushed it shut, and then dropped a spoon. Picked up the spoon, didn’t realize the cabinet door had slowly bounced back open, cracked the very top of my head against the corner of the door.

Dropped me to the ground. I’d never seen so much blood from one place.

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Oh I have a great story of this kind.

My bro works in these fancy restaurants, and one day he brought some classy italian hot chocolate powder with nuts in it.
I forgot about it for a while and one day I had sugar itch. I remembered that hot chocolate.

To shorten the story. I’ve put milk (last drops I had) on the stove to heat it up, it overboiled and made a mess on a stove, so had to clean it up, but that didn’t stop me I had to drink my hot chocolate.
Fixed it up, and on my way to the living room, while opening door to living room, door got stuck on a rug, I bumped into it and spilled half of a cup on the wall & floor, some swearing happened. Quickly went with a cloth over the wall to pick some of the drink before it dries out, took some of my wall paint. Finally sat down to have my hot chocolate, first burned my mouth cause it was still hot af and spilled some on myself, and realized either milk or hot chocolate went bad. More swearing occured.

Never drank hot chocolate again. :rofl:

We have a saying here, it might be hard to translate to english but here it is.

“Not for whom it is intended, but for whom it is destined”


Scalp wounds bleed like crazy, even relatively trivial ones. There are so many blood vessels, it’s a given that…

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I mean, I sympathize, but that’s just a comedy of events. I hope you don’t mind that I laughed as I read your post. :smiley:


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IRL I’m known for this. Always happy to make people laugh.