Asio 4 All and Audacity

Is it possible to install Asio 4 All in Audacity on a Windows 10 desktop computer?
If yes how the heck do you do it?


Unfortunately, Audacity doesn’t support ASIO.


Oh crap!

I did see this on the audacity website:

Non-distributable ASIO support in Audacity

Audacity provides ASIO support on Windows for individuals who are prepared to compile Audacity from source code using the optional Steinberg ASIO SDK.

Not for me I’m afraid.
Thank you for confirming what I suspected.

Is there software that is comparable to Audacity that would take the Asio 4 All drivers.
I am looking for something simple without having to go to Reaper with it’s steep learning curve?

I would use a real DAW instead of Audacity. Audacity is an audio editor, not a DAW.

There’s excellent free DAW’s out there. Your DAI probably came with one in fact, and it will be far more capable than Audacity.

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Hey! I did the same thing. I recommend Reaper! very useful and a ton of YouTube tutorials to teach you any basics.

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I was hoping you would give some input to this.

I am aware of how great Reaper is but I am also aware of the steep learning curve associated with it and I do not want to diverge from practicing and learning Bass to get deep into recording like you are. I am sure that will come in time but not for a year or so on my current timeline.

So I ask what free SIMPLE DAW would you recommend as a precursor to Reaper?

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I think you are overthinking this. If you can figure out Audacity, you can figure out Reaper :slight_smile:

Try the free trial of Reaper and watch some of Kenny Gioia’s excellent instructional videos - give it a shot!

otherwise, what came with your DAI? Most include licences for the entry level versions of pro DAWs - things like Pro Tools First, Ableton Live Lite, etc.

Next one I would call out is CakeWalk.

But really, just try Reaper. It’s not really difficult to get started than Audacity, just far more capable.


OK I’ll try this route.
Thank you so much (AGAIN :slightly_smiling_face:)


You might find this interesting:

After watching this I more or less randomly chose Cakewalk, mostly because I wanted a free DAW. To me, the interfaces of the various DAWs seemed very similar anyway.

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CakeWalk Sonar is good yeah, and wasn’t always free. Frankly I am surprised BandLab gives it away now, because peopel would totally pay for it.

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I watched this last night.
Have decided to take @howard advice and go with Reaper.

I played around with Reaper years ago but never used it to record an instrument.
At that time I was following the Reaper TV videos on YouTube.
I was more interested in seeing what DAWs were about and the idea was to make some MP3 drum backing tracks.

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