Asterix above note

i wondering what the asterix (*) above the F / Db indicates… Slap / Pop or something like that?

Any ideas?

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Google is you best friend.

An accent (asterisk) is an emphasis, stress, or stronger attack placed on a particular note or set of notes


Interesting. I’ve never seen that before. It’s usually a carat of some sort pointed in different directions etc.

I wonder if the asteroid is used in certain styles Vs others.

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Do you have a recording of this tune that could give you some indication?

Since the asterisk is always on the higher octave following the lower octave note, I would agree with your idea that it indicates a “pop” after a slap. It seems, however, an uncommon way to denote this, as most often you’d see the letters “T” (slap) and “P” (pop).


Never mind that. Where are all the numbers to tell you what fret you’re on? :wink:


It`s seems to be a pop: LHU Jazz Ensembles Spring Concert 2014 - Big Band - #1 Mr. Goof - YouTube

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My reply above was accurate. It indicates to put “emphasis or a stronger attack” on the note.

Also, but unrelated, appears to indicate when to take your foot off the sustain pedal (for piano).

Well analyzed, @joergkutter
And nice to have it prooved, @dennis_g .

Learning different people’s eccentricities with notation is part of the fun of notation!
I was trying to read through this, and got very hung up on the eighth note rests, since they start to look a lot like natural symbols at some points.
But it works! And it looks lovely.
There is an art to well scribed notation that I absolutely adore.


Curious, does the T stand for Thumb?


It’s either that or someone has a lisp :wink:


Ya but the P is Pinky, no?
If the P is Pop than the T is thump.


Well, if you’re Larry Graham then it stands for “thumpin’ and pluckin’” :smiley:

It could be worse, classical uses the letter “P” for the thumb :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep :grinning:
musicNotationBass1.pdf (150.2 KB)


The asteroid is definitely used in some styles vs others. :rofl:

Yeah, I know autocorrect bit you. It made me laugh though. So, thanks for that. :+1:

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As far as i know is P for “pull” and T for “tap”

Yeah, auto-correct is often maddening and sometimes unintentionally funny.

Not the same thing, and the OP likely can’t correct the misspelling in the thread title, but the correct spelling of the star-like glyph in question is asterisk.

Not according to the nomenclature pdf that I attached (which is from a reputable source) :smile:

According to Berklee and “Slap Bass Lines by Joe Santerre” they’re “thumb” and “pull” :slight_smile:

Guitar pro uses “S” and “P”

An asterisk is a “golpe” in classical guitar.

Any decent music publisher should have a legend for their music notation. :slight_smile:

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