Awesome gear

Hi everyone! After Josh’s reviews about the the not-too expensive basses and the practice amp I bought myself the Fender Rumble 500 (had to go bigger cause I play gigs) and the Yamaha TRBX304 in MGR. Awesome combo!!! The amp is versatile though simple enough to not need a 40 day course and even so for the Yamaha, decent bass without having to get a second morgtgage haha. So check them out!!!


Welcome @Richie! Pics please!

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Hi Richie! Ya done good man! I started on a TRBX 304 and still play it. Love those Yamaha necks. Picked up a Rumble 500 and believe me, it’s a great amp. Welcome to the forum, kids on here will steer you right. Play your heart out and get yourself in with some others jammers. You’ll learn a lot from the B2B course as well, Josh is a great instructor!


It’s definitely nice to start out light, lol.