B to B Is there going to be a follow-on?

Not been on here for a while having completed the first 100 or so lessons about a year ago.
Just wondered if there will a Badass to bigger Badass? I’ve got a bit lost in the YOUTUBE spiral since. I really enjoyed the structure of the first B to B


From what I can gather from reading the forums and comments on the last few parts of the course it’s in the works but no date is provided yet.

I’m a bit lost on what to do without the course now so I’m right with you on wishing it was here so I had some more structure to be badass…er…

But things like this take time and other projects and plans both unexpected and expected can delay and get in the way so I can’t really blame Josh for not having it out yet.

I’m still happy with what the B2B course gave me skill wise though, just wish I knew what to do now with some purpose and the same feelings of progression the course gave.


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I’ve tried various other courses “Gregs Bass Shed” and “eBass guitar” etc which are very good but Josh’s lesson structure is great fun and motivates to play. I started from scratch in Feb 2022 and can now play along with a number songs on youtube. For the first time in my life I can play a song from beginning to end.


I’ve played through a few of my personal favourites beginning to end and it’s such a good feeling being able to keep up with it and know where the start and stop while actually playing.

We just keep chasing that I guess hey, that’s what I plan to do at least.


Thought I could do the 30 day hardcore approach having played 6 strings a bit in the past. Took me 2 months in the end. Still haven’t mastered slap😂


Something that has helped me in my post B2B haze is to figure out your long term goal. Once you’ve got that, then pick one thing. One…single…thing. One thing to work on and focus on getting it down. Once you feel comfortable with it, pick the next thing. All the time working towards that ultimate goal.

Granted, picking that one thing is difficult and I’m a huge hypocrite because I suffer from an acute case KAS (Knowledge Acquisition Syndrome, the distant inbred cousin of GAS, twice removed). Fortunately, I took the hypocritic oath years ago but I digress.

Say your ultimate goal is improvising. Well, jazz is a great way to build the improv chops. Start looking at basic jazz tutorials and such then go from there. Maybe you want to out-slap Davie504 some day. Or maybe you want to tap like Charlie B. Or, just maybe, you just want to play bass in the greatest cover band to ever cover songs (no shame in that). These long term, ultimate goals will guide you. They will help you pick out those smaller steps along the way to help you get to that goal. They’ll even influence the music you learn along the way. You’re likely not going to learn Jazz Standards if your goal is ultimately to play in an AC/DC tribute band. I mean, you could, and it might help, but it’s not productive for what you want.

Then again, I’m a super goal oriented person that needs multiple layers of goals in order to stay motivated to do anything. Your results might vary but it never hurts to try.

And if it does hurt to try then you might want to see a physician.