B2B in 7 days? Can I actually do it?

As to not hijack the other thread this was being discussed about in (Billie Jean thread), I was just giving an update after day 4.

85 Lessons and 12 Modules Completed.

Today was a blast. Doing Modules 11 and 12 were amazing. I learned so much, and had such fun with all the challenging baselines learned.

I really liked playing “pappa’s got a brand new bag”.
Under the bridge started to give me a little trouble, but I realized it was after Midnight already, I was tired, and I was feeling a little Fatigued. It was a challenge just to remember the notes to play, and I usually remember things easily. When I finally got thru the Fast exercise, I played it all the way thru a second time to make sure I had it down, and was not just kidding myself, or even forgetting if I did actually make it thru, or not.
Like I said, was getting tired, I couldn’t recall if I made it thru an exercise I just did. Lol

Anyway, I am having a blast. I am hoping to complete it before 7 days, but IDK about the slap coming up. I may reach my “wall” with that.

If it is, I may complete the course, then go and spend a week on SLAP alone.

Side note. I plan to start over with my 5 string when done…


Remember to enjoy the ride :smile:


Try doing it without tab the second time through. That’s what I plan to do. Though I’m still on Module 10 the first time through!


Oh I am enjoying the F@*k out of it :+1:t2: @joergkutter :wink:

I actually do much of the workouts with my eyes closed, @JT or not looking at the screen at all. I really like to feel it once I got it down.
Often I can only play by feel in on Medium or fast, cuz the slow Is usually too slow to feel anything from the baseline and backing track.
But it’s essential to work out the notes and timing in preparation for the real thing.

Thanks for the posts guys.


Ok, I started Module 13.

The SLAP :open_mouth::astonished::roll_eyes::pleading_face::anguished::frowning:

What did I just do to myself?
What have I gotten myself into?

I am in some really deep :poop: now.

I thought I liked playing bass.

I discovered something just now about myself.


So, I discovered that

Man this is FUN AF!


on lesson 6 of Module 13.
3-2-1 BLAST OFF!!!
:love_you_gesture:-:v:-:point_up_2:. :rocket:. :guitar::guitar::guitar:


Best wishes on your quest.

P.S. I did the course on my 5 string. I used the B string on many of the lessons.


End of day 5:

I am on the last lesson of Module 14. Save that and 15 for tomorrow, and 16 for day 7.

Today was productive, very excited now.


Good gief @T_dub! You are absolutely killing it. :+1:

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I am killing something. My fret)@nd is getting a solid workout, and my right shoulder from rotating from the elbow for slapping.

Day 8, I am resting​:sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

I am having too much fun to quit. Slapping seriously worried cuz I have tried Flea’s Root / 5th slap pop ezcercise in his bass lesson video, and I sucked.

It took the magic teachings of
“The Dali @JoshFossgreen “. Himself to straighten me out.
I was so stoked. :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:


Day 6:

Finished Module 14 lesson 4
Finished Module 15
Did all of Module 16 except the final quiz.

Plus, I got my package with the 50 song book, and Course Extras today,
I will go thru all the quiz workouts tomorrow.
They are nicely outlined in the Course Extras.(thanks BB)

Question, Since you are
Bad Ass if
You can do some of the workouts at various speeds
Super Bad Ass if
You do other workouts at certain speeds.

What are if you do them ALL at FAST??


Can you do Mod12L1 at fast? Because I still can’t, a year later.

Different lessons screw up different people :slight_smile:


Wait, @howard. I never said I can do them all fast yet. I just asked the question.

But I will know tomorrow.
There were 3 or four I recall struggling thru, but other then BJ, I don’t recall OTTOMH, which exact ones.

I am kind of excited to find out now👍🏻


This is not meant to be a thread to Bragg in.
It’s a more “is it possible”. Thread.

If my circumstance was any other then what it is currently, there is no way this would be possible.

No work, no schedule to kee, no responsibilities what so ever right now.
That, on top of the Covid-19 advisory to stay home. It was the perfect opportunity to see if I could meet a challenge that I set myself on day 2.

I feel no better then anybody else, and am not trying to put myself above anybody. I hope that the forum understands this, and sees it for the update log of progress that it is, nothing more.


@howard have you ever been a guitar player?
I only ask because the fretting in this exercise is very similar to “guitar power chords”. That may be why it was not so hard for me???


Nope! Well technically yeah I played guitar in grade school, but not since then.

Hmm, yeah, octaves are similar to root/fifth power chords, just one string higher.


On a similar path. Started B2B last Friday. Just finished module 5. Might not finish in 7 days, but having a blast!


Yep, I am finishing up the quiz now.
So far so good.

Back to start over tomorrow😉


Dude, why not, I can understand, and, may as well do something productive during this time, and set the bar high. All good. It’s almost a year since I started B2B and playing bass. I went through phases of being really productive and motivated, to not really doing anything sometimes. But all good, am in a way better place from where I started. So keep going, everyone’s pace is different. And it doesn’t hurt to set a high bar, even if you don’t hit it, you still end up putting forth effort in a good direction.


Next would be an “is it a good idea” thread.

From my wee bit of instructional background, I tend to think it isn’t.
The net educational result of “bootcamps”, where you get to cram a specific skillset into your mind in a relatively short time, and are kept busy with that for, say, a week of 8-hour days concentrating on that one subject, are generally dramaticallly bad when compared to formal courses which stretch out over a year. I know of someone who participated in a development bootcamp for two weeks and couldn’t program a calculator. Two years after that, she was enrolled in a development class that lasted a year, with two evenings per week and about one and a half hours of homework per day, and after completion, she was on her way to become a rock star developer.

It’s not for nothing that schools do not dedicate a full trimester to arithmetics, and then a full trimester to grammar, and so on – these things are ideally taken in measured doses.
The idea behind this is that you will do a lot of the mental processing required to really understand a subject during brain downtime. Some of this is conscious processing (while travelling, for instance), and some of this is subconscious. It’s what you notice when you’ve been looking at something and you just didn’t “get it” one day, and the next day it suddenly seems completely natural – as if you had an epiphany. Sure, you knew it yesterday, because you had memorised it… but the next day, you “got it”, and didn’t have to rely on rote memorisation anymore.

I’m locked down just like the next guy, and I have a pesky mind – it needs to be kept busy. So, I do this B2B thing, an anynchronous programming course, a course on Entity Framework, a course on Ableton 10, a course on ethical hacking, and as of last Sunday, a music theory course. Next to running a substantial part of the household (my wife suffered from a cerebral stroke and will almost certainly not fully recover), that keeps me busy during the day, but it also makes sure I’m not overconcentrating on one particular subject. I made that mistake when I was in hospital in December last year, and I found I had to run through that course again.

If you were my son (or my grandson – yes, I have three of those), I’d be tempted to tell you to grab a completely different bass and do the course again, but this time give yourself at least a month to do so, if not three. I’d be interested to know if you’d then pick up things that you missed when you were course-binging.