B2B lesson speed question

I’m finally getting back to doing B2B after taking a break to handle life stuff (unfortunately) and I was curious what’s the best way to approach the lessons. What I’m wondering is should you do one lesson a day or multiple? I just want to make sure I get the most out of B2B.


It’s a personal choice based largely on one’s ability to process and apply new information. For example, if any lesson’s material is easy for you to grasp AND you are able to nail the fast workout in relatively little time, then definitely proceed to the next one, and so on.

Personally, I would do at least one lesson per day, but I would warm up by going back a lesson or two before tackling a new lesson. This process not only worked as a hands/fingers warmup but it also got me aligned with Josh’s teaching rationale. On top of all that, it also felt good to be reacquainted with the last material I had gone through.

Admittedly, this approach takes a bit more time to accomplish, but I found it very worthwhile: I wasn’t in a hurry to get to the end of the course; I just wanted to make sure to get everything I could out of it. Hope this helps a bit.


Thanks for the advice. I truly appreciate it! :v:t2:

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I agree this is a personal decision, and I am retaking B2B and here’s a couple of thoughts from my experience

  • I am targeting doing a module week, which is roughly a lesson a day

  • Before I do a lesson, I do the workouts from all the previous lessons in that module as a warmup

  • I find it easier to pay attention to technique going over it a second or third time.

  • I’m playing an hour a day give or take

  • If I find myself making dumb mistakes in a workout, I stop. Time to rest my brain

  • Some evenings I’m really burnt out from life, and just do the workouts. I pick the bass up everyday though

That’s my approach. I was aiming for a pace I could sustain. In the beginning all energy and motivation, I could have started faster, but wanted to establish habits I could keep up longer term, so I figured I could do a module a week


Thanks!! Y’all are giving me some great ideas! A module a week isn’t a bad speed. Hmmm


Do what feels right. You don’t have to stop at the same amount every day. Just make sure your not speeding through without getting it right.

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When I did the course I had already taught myself enough to where the slow and medium workouts were too easy for me so I generally skipped to the fast workout and didn’t progress to the next lesson until I felt comfortable with the fast workout. There are some lessons where that probably won’t be possible (Billie Jean), but that’s the benchmark I used. If you feel like you’re struggling it may be worthwhile to actually skip back a lesson or two. There’s no trophy for finishing the course, so just progress through at a pace that you feel comfortable with.


@super.mikey74 : I was in exactly the same situation. Started B2B, had some other not-so-good stuff going on, so I could not play.

Then restarted (also with an new bass - little presents for myself always help) and went through the lessons almost every day. Sometimes one, sometimes two or three. Sometimes none :slight_smile:

Occasionally, I went too fast, especially when it comes to theory.
But @JoshFossgreen is a sneaky guy ^^
He says theorie is important but you don’t need to learn it, if you don’t want to. But then - in later lessons - the theory in previous lessons makes sense and you WANT to understand more. So, he really tricks you into stuff you didn’t want to do at first!
So I go back, revisit older lessons, try to understand, and repeat those lessons.

It’s always great to feel the progress you made when revisiting older lessons.

And of course, I totally ignore B2B often and just play simple songs I like. Feeling like a rockstar for 30 seconds, just to miss a note, cursing out loud and hear my girlfriend giggeling…



Especially for newbies who have never been exposed to music theory or even to playing an instrument before.

Practice is repetition with a purpose. Learning is the reward.


I’ve been running through this past month with a goal to hit the fastest schedule, primarily because I needed to very quickly get up to scratch for a big performance at the start of February. The early lessons were a breeze and I could easily get through on the 30 day schedule, but I’m taking more time and slowing down now that I’m nearing the end, as I’m hitting new territory for me and I know I’ll get more out of going slower on these lessons in the long run. I have an advantage in that I’m comfortable with 95% of the theory stuff already, so some of that I’ve been able to skip through entirely, and the rest is a refresher rather than learning it for the first time.

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