B2B progress?

Hello all!

I have been learning with the B2B lessons now for about 2 weeks and am now on Module 3, Lesson 5. I find myself having to repeat many of the lesson workouts a number of times, as I cannot seem to get things right the first time.

But I am going to stick with this and hopefully become a bass player!



You’re doing exactly what you need to do, Bradford. The lessons are chunks of knowledge combined with technique instruction. That’s what learning how to play a musical instrument is always about.

That said, each of us is an individual, and how we learn is personal and subjective. So keep in mind that these lessons are a marathon, not a sprint, and have fun. Repeat any lesson or workout you feel like doing, because that’s the right thing for you to do.


Keep in mind that there is a method to Josh’s madness, i.e., when he says that when you can do a slow workout, you’re ready to move on: trust him. He has something planned in following lessons that will expand your perspective and knowledge.

As so many others here can attest, if you follow this path, you will be amazed that you can go back to previous lessons and you’re able to play their medium and fast workouts much more easily.

Have patience and fun learning. There’s no rush. After all, you’re playing. :grinning:


Some I do right the first time. Some give me problems on the fast workout. I move on but mark the troublesome ones to come back to later. It’ll all come together as you progress. Even someone like Les Claypool had to start, stop, improve and move on. Today he is a bass master. Just don’t give up.


There is nothing wrong with that. I spent two days on every lesson whether it was easy or not just so I could internalize the information. Some of it may seem easy but there is always something to learn in Josh’s lessons whether it’s intervalic ear training or a useful rhythm.


I have found myself doing two lessons a day but re-doing the second lesson as the first lesson the next day. Seems to be working out. I think the day between lessons actually gives my brain the ability to absorb and when I go back to that lesson, it is a lot better and cleaner. Really, so far the only song that has me befuddled is “Whole Lot of Wonderful” and that is mainly due to the speed of the fast workout. But I’ll get the speed eventually.


I think in one of Josh’s Youtube videos (Beginner Bass Tips or something like along those lines of a title) he does explain that sleeping on something you’re practicing and maybe possibly struggling with helps. There’s scientific proof/explanation in a book he uses as reference for that tip.


:100: Spaced Repetition is the smart way to do this, for sure! Our brains need time to make those new connections. Rest/sleep is when the magic happens. :zzz:


@Bradford Sounds like you’re making good progress! Sometimes I need to remind myself that I go through most of my life/days using my hands and fingers unconsciously. They do what they do because I learned those fine motor skills decades ago. So of course they rebel a bit at being consciously trained to do something new. (Brats!) :wink:


Sometimes it takes many sleeps, or weeks or months. If you are hung up on something, skip it, it may seem like child’s play in a month of doing other things.


This is true, and I have experienced it myself. I was just referencing what I learned in one of the BassBuzz videos haha.


Billie Jean may take a few months longer though :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


You are right there. I’ve been going back and redoing lessons for almost a year now, and still learning.

If people get stuff on the first try, that’s great. But i have to actually get practice at things.

Everyone learns at their own pace. Your pace isn’t bad At all.

Keep thumping, loads of good stuff coming up on the program.


However fast, or slow, whatever pace you do the course at is the right pace for you, and thereby the right pace. This isn’t a race.

You do you


Yes I too can relate. My initial goal was to be done in 30 days​:joy::joy::joy::joy: but I got hung up just as you described. Stay the course repeate the lesson until you have had enough, and move on. Surprisingly the thing you were stuck on is a piece of cake and your stuck on something new. At least that the way it’s wortfor me.


2 weeks is not a lot of time and repetition is the key for most people. The B2B course is an awesome foundation to learn to play the bass & the bass like any instrument has what I would call an exponential learning curve. The more you learn & practice the better you get & the better you get the more you learn.
Think about how long it takes a human to learn how to speak and then how much more time it takes us to speak well & articulately.
Keep repeating things as often as you need & you’ll find that you will become proficient at it.


Billie Jean was really difficult for me for a while. I kept at it and now I can do it easily. Working at it a little at a time, walking away, then coming back to it worked for me. I’m almost halfway through the lessons after a few months. Keep at it, do the lessons as many times as it takes for your to master them. You will get there.


Right on. :+1:

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I just recently finished the course. Some lessons were a breeze, others - well, not so much. I often would do the first part (the lesson part) and learn the jam for that lesson. Then before I went to the workouts, I’d practice that over and over for a day or so. I’d refer back to the lesson as necessary to get it right.

That way, when I went to the workouts, I had a better chance of keeping up. Since I’d already practiced the jam quite a bit, I did better on the workouts and that gave me confidence rather that demoralized me. I considered it a victory if I could keep up reasonably with the medium workout and extra credit if I could hang with the fast one.

At the end of the course there’s a final “quiz” where Josh has you go back and play some of the lessons he considers key to your understanding. The cool thing was that going back to lessons I’d struggled with a couple months prior, I could crank through the fast workout without breaking a sweat (mostly). It seemed that the purpose for Josh wanting us to go back to some of the old lessons was to kind of prove to ourselves that we really had come a long way!