B2B - responses to questions (notifications)

Howdy, bit of a silly question as it’s about asking questions… Is there a way to see when a question asked within B2B has been responded to and link back to it? I’m about half way through module 2 and asked a couple of questions along the way, but can’t remember exactly which lesson I asked them on so trying to find them is proving difficult.


You get an e-mail when there is a new reply with a link to it, like this:


Although something is wrong with the link. You have to add : after https.
Maybe something that can be fixed? @JoshFossgreen


Hmm, maybe it’s currently broken as I’m only getting notifications from forum responses. I’ve checked junk and have done a search for ‘bassbuzz’ but nothing comes up.


You can also post the question here in the forum and add @JoshFossgreen.

So many of us have finished the course we can probably give you a pretty quick reply.


Thanks for asking @iDuncan ! Like @juli0r said, you should be getting notification emails, not sure why you aren’t but I’ll look into it!

And thanks for the note on the broken link @juli0r , will look into that too! Damn tech gremlins…


Thanks @JoshFossgreen . I found one of the answers as I remembered where I asked it. Just did a little more digging and found another one. You had answered both and both were within the past few days. Neither had a notification. Do you know what email address they come from - maybe I’ll try adding it to my allowed list and see if that makes any difference. Could be a tech gremlin on Microsoft’s Hotmail address. On very rare occassions, emails from certain places just never show up. I can think of two in the past few years and one was a guitar course. That said, I get all the other emails from the forum and I got the purchase receipt for B2B.


@juli0r @JoshFossgreen
I have been reluctant to post anything within the course, but was reading through some comments tonight and noticed the ‘Subscribe’ with the dropdown next to it. Guessing I have to subscribe to every lesson I post a question on with the option ‘new replies to my comments’.

I just put a comment in this lesson and subscribed to ‘new replies to my comments’.

Assuming this now works, seems a bit strange that you have to subscribe, @JoshFossgreen is there a way the tech team can change it to auto subscribe you if you comment.


Thank @iDuncan , that is not a great system! Will look into it. :slight_smile:


Alright, looked into this - it’s already set to auto-subscribe for lesson comment replies (“on" by default)
And the “little bell” is on for users by default, they don’t have to subscribe multiple times.

I’m gonna close this thread for now - if anyone has more issues with this, please let us know through the support page, it’s easier to follow up that way -