Back from an unsolicited hiatus

I almost have to reintroduce myself.
We had some setbacks of a financial nature here – think “a sudden 30% drop in income”, which sent me into a period of stasis lasting a few weeks, during which I was staring at the light at the end of the tunnel – which looked suspiciously like the headlights of the oncoming train.

It took some time to get out of this lethargic period, but two days ago I touched my bass for the first time in two weeks.
Needless to say, I did not make any progress on the course either. This, and my absence, has evidently worried some of you (which I find surprising as well as touching). But I’m back in the fold.

My current predicament is that I will have to remain in stasis for some time – not just because of the virus lockdown (which is currently voluntary in the Netherlands), but also, and mainly, because I need to recover from the completely unrelated ailment that hit me in late November. Hopefully I can combine the two.

I had planned to make a little video called “How I beat Billie Jean into submission”, and as of right now, that’s coming along nicely. I need to shoot two more segments, then edit it into something coherent, and then it’s done.

So… I’m back. Thanks for inquiring!


Sorry to hear you’ve been struggling. I hope things settle down and get back to some level of normalcy soon.

I’m looking forward to that Billie Jean video. :+1:


Yes, ditto what @eric.kiser said, @peterhuppertz . . . :slight_smile:

Hope all will work out alright for you!

All best, Joe


Welcome back. I can’t wait to hear that b*tch being beat into submission.


Sounds so wrong, but still so funny. :rofl:


Welcome back!


@peterhuppertz No need for embarrassment dude, nothing is certain in life except death and taxes ! The current climate is going to affect us all financially to some extent. Welcome back, happy plucking/picking.


Welcome back!


There won’t be any gore. The video will mainly demonstrate the weapons and techniques used, and not much of the actual kicking and flailing. :wink:


They came looking for me too. This forum has become quite the community, hasn’t it?

I hope you’re managing all of the stuff, and making progress in all the right places.

Feisty, she is. :wink:


I managed to sell one of my watches… for more than I paid for it (new) 13 years ago. So that gave me a bit of breathing space.

So, yesterday, I got my j-bass back from the guitar guy. He knew about Samick and the Gregg Bennett basses, but this one surprised him pleasantly.

Until I told him I paid 80 euros for it (eighty… no typos or forgotten zeros), including the practice amp and the strap. That just made him go green. :wink:

Apart from polishing the frets a bit, and adjusting the pickups, he managed to find a few unnecessary millimeters of travel in the action, which he got rid of.

Damn, this thing is SCHWEEEET now. I can’t remember my old Fender P playing this smoothly. Anything I cannot play is now entirely my own fault. Excuse me while I enjoy this,by noodling endlessly (and playing along with some of my favourite music) for a day or so. I can do this self-isolation thing just fine.

Afterwards, normal service will be resumed.


That’s a great win-win combination, @peterhuppertz! :wink:

Cheers, Joe

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