Backing Track to Practice bluesy lead

Tired of guitarists taking all the lead! Bass can solo over some blues and sound good too. Here is a backing track I made. All you have to know for lead here is feel it, and play notes in D major.

If you want you can download an app called Spire. It will give you the option to open in Spire (link below). You can actually add your own track and play right to it and record a track right from your phone mic. Just use headphones for monitoring so it doesn’t record the backing track too. Be fun to hear what you all come up with!


It looks like Spire app is only with the spire device on Androide.
I cannot find a Spire app to be used stand alone.

Hmm…I have the App on iPhone.

Looks like there’s an android version too.

Does it let you record from your phone mic? Spire is cool because it has an auto EQ function. So you play, hit that button and it will adjust the mic so the recording doesn’t clip.

No idea, I am an iOS user too :slight_smile:


As I’ve said before: only with the Spire hardware, you cannot use the app without connecting it to the hardware first.

Got it. Android doesn’t allow you to record from mic. Well, that is stupid.

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Yep, more then stupid…
So if you know any other app, do tell me. As I want to have to more fun :rofl:

I guess if you can’t use spire, you can import or download the track and find a way around it, for those who want to give it a go and share. If not, it’s good practice to just play over as a backing track.

For those without equipment, lots of amps tend to have a Aux cable on them. You could plug into it and play the track over the Aux cable, and record on another recording app. Just look in google store (for android users) and search for recording app.