Backing Tracks?


Hello all. I’ve only been playing bass for a week, and at this point am just becoming comfortable with the scales and navigating around the fret board. Josh’s videos have been quite helpful (and entertaining).
As I move up to the next level, I’m wondering if it would be beneficial to invest in a machine to play backing tracks for me to practice with. I’m retired and spend much of my day practicing alone. I’m thinking that it would very helpful if I had backing tracks to play along with.
Would a machine such as the one Josh uses be a wise investment? I’ve seen them on Amazon and they’re quite pricey, so I don’t want to make a hasty purchase.
If so, what machine would you recommend? What does Josh use in his videos?




First of all, welcome to the Forums, @Pampurrs . . . :slight_smile:

There are SO many gadgets out there to choose from, but the only experience I have so far is with using YouTube videos as “backing tracks”. I’ve made set lists and play along with those. Many videos also have tabs included so you can see what notes are in the basslines.

I’m sure someone else will chime in with more specific suggestions for you, but in the meanwhile, just focus on the basics. You’re in the right place here, too! :wink: Have you signed up for the B2B lessons?

Wish you good luck and see you around the Forums,

All best , Joe


Hey Pam! What kind of backing tracks are you imagining? Something to improvise along with, or just bass lines to bass along with?

If you just want to playalong with some songs, then you don’t need any special playalong tracks, if I were you I would just learn some songs you like to play along with!

And I don’t use any special machine for backing tracks - if such a machine existed, it probably wouldn’t be very good. I record all the tracks I use myself, (except for popular song playalongs) no special machine involved (well, besides the recording gear, and the computer, and all the million other pieces required :stuck_out_tongue:).

Definitely don’t spend money on anything until you’re sure you can’t get what you need for free!


The only thing I’ll add to this is the infinite resource that is YouTube. Even Spotify has some backing tracks to play with.
And, again with the plug - I love the Drum Genius app. It’s around $9 to get all the loops, but you end up with a library of really fun drum beats to play with.


Yes! I just signed up today!



Thanks, I’ll check out Drumgenius.



Thanks Josh. I just finally made up my mind and signed up for the B2B lessons today.



Stoked for you Pam! I’m always here if you have questions while you’re going. :slight_smile:


I use a program called Band in a Box…you can write your own stuff and choose a hundreds of styles, also enables you to take the bass line out. its $129.00 and if your not familiar with music don’t get it. it will just make you frustrated.