Band: song ideas

Hi friends
I just joined a music practice group, basically a band organised and led by a teacher.
We have a talented young drummer and guitarist who are at a quite advanced level, a beginner guitarist and a beginner bassist (me).
Looking for songs to practice, what would you recommend that would suit our respective levels? The more advanced guitarist and drummer need to be challenged, and for me it’s the first time playing with other people.


May help to know what style of music you are wanting to play.

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Here’s a song that has advance drum part and guitar part and relatively simple bass part. If you know the notes to play. There’s not a lot of complicated bass parts the fills are quite straight forward. There’s a couple of double stops(playing 2 notes at the same time) but they are simple. The hard part for you is to stay in time because of the drum fills can tricky and messed up your time count.

It’s the timeless classic that everyone recognized.

It’s the kind of power ballad that you can play for 20 minutes+. I hope it’s advanced enough drum and guitar part to get their smile on their face.

Here’s the sheet with notes and tabs for you to practice. My gift to you. Enjoy.

Georgia on my Mind.pdf (159.6 KB)

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Anything Van Halen

Hi, is there any particular style of music your group prefers?

Yesterday I played along to some INXS bass tabs on YouTube and was able to play a lot of the songs without having tried them before. I’m a beginner too.

Rockin In The Free World ticks the boxes you mention. Easy enough bass line, beginner guitarist can hold the rhythm, advanced guitarist can take the solo’s.

I just loaded up a Nothing Else Matters (Metallica) tab on YouTube and was able to play along with at least half of it on the first go (I love tabs!), but if I had to play this with a group asap without knowing it completely, I’d make some simple changes like leaving out some of the fiddly bits-- you can still get away with it I think and then work them in later.