Bar breaks

I like the idea of “bar breaks” to improve my internal timekeeping. I’m looking for a drum machine or program that can do this concept, but more advanced. For example, I’d like to be able to randomize, or choose low long for short these breaks last for. Ultimately not even for an entire measure, but based on what I am feeling like practicing

I’m really diggin Drum Beats+ however, the free version is a bit limited and I’m not wild about the yearly subscription price. I think I would be ok if it was a one time purchase, but $20/yr is a little steep. I’d also be upset if it didn’t do what I am looking for

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Not sure I fully understand what you’re looking for, but on iOS there’s a metronome app called Tempo that allows you to mute individual beats

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I was using the terminology from Drum Beats+, it might be called something else. Essentially it plays a beat then has silence for say the 3rd bar. This way you can see if you are fast or slow at your timekeeping.

Josh included tracks in B2B course extras, but I am looking for something a little more advanced. I’d like the ability to randomize or even just play just specific subdivision of a beat. I see people using drum machines, but they don’t say what they are using.

EZdrummer if you have a DAW you can make your own drum beats. Within the daw you can have silent parts in each track.

Or GrooveScribe

Josh did a video on his “other” channel about must-have apps for musicians in which he mentioned an app that I think does just what you want. Don’t remember which app that was, but here’s the video:


thanks @Mike_NL that’s actually where I got the idea for Drum Beats+ which is shown there. I Didn’t see where it randomized or if I could make changes, mostly preset. I’m sure the paid version has more functionality but it’s $20/year - kind of show stopper for me.


ahhh thanks @akos this one is pretty neat, and easy… I was looking for random brakes to make it more interesting as well as take that anticipation out of it… Maybe that’s not needed.

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Doctors and Lawyers . . . Doctors and Lawyers . . . . :roll_eyes:

Right about now, I could really use a good “bar break” . . . :wink:

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Ditto! :beers:


@juli0r (i think?) built something for this a little while ago –

it’s meant as a sort of “flash card” scale practice but you can also ignore the scale at the top and just use the drum loop, which allows you to silence a # of bars like you describe.


I did, but I do not actively develop it anymore, because I work full time again and that makes programming in my free time tedious. I am aware of a lot of bugs, but basically you are right.

It’s meant as scale practice and groove workout with missing bars.
The scale practice doesn’t work as good as intended but I still use it to for the groove workout.

I miss when this wasn’t the case with me but yeah, the last few years, any work that gets done in my fun programming side projects happens on vacation, if at all. I have a half-finished VST plugin I have set aside for months now.

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Wow, didn’t know they changed over to subscription, that sucks! I hate subscription pricing.

Anyway, for the task you want, that isn’t the right app. I use one called Metronomics (which is in that video linked above), can’t remember what it cost but it’s much more customizable and do a lot of cool stuff.


Just today I downloaded the app Time Guru which lets you set up quite complex rhythms, mute bars and also randomly mutes single notes. Once you’ve figured out how it works, it’s really quite a cool.


cool, thanks! I’ll give that a shot


I found Drumbit easy to use in Chrome as a standalone app

Seems to be an Andriod app too


I just found this app (Time Guru) myself after looking for quite a while for a metronome that could handle Ultimate Groove Challenge-type training. I highly recommend it as well. You can do the regular on-off bars like in Josh’s drum tracks, but the random beat mute is really, really cool, and I think even more effective. Only $2 on the app store as of the day I’m writing.

Sweet! Thank you

I agree, I was looking for something to “randomize” these breaks. I thought it would be cool to have no idea when it was coming