Bargains: Heads up thread

With the Black Friday - Cyber Monday sales period upon us I thought it might be useful to have a thread for sharing any great deals you’ve noticed out there.

So if you spot any Bargains or Promotions you think others might be interested in please post them below.


To kick off:

Yousician have 50% off their Annual Premium memberships throughout Nov 2021.

Account - Yousician


Plugin Boutique’s Black Friday sales have started, if you’re looking for deals on DAW plugins.


I’ve just renewed my membership at full price :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


This is the first Black Friday in a few years on which there’s nothing I need. I have enough basses, plugins, pedals, etc. The only thing I would do is renew memberships to sites, if those go on sale.
I will however, keep my eyes and ears open for any sales and share them here.


So far I have bought 29 synthesizers :rofl:

Ok 28 were in V Collection (which I got as an early Black Friday pre-sale), but still.

I also got a free saturation distortion (Heavyocity Punish), and a free modulation (NI Freak), which is nice.

Hey, Melodyne 5 is on sale, for anyone that wants auto-tune :rofl:

(it’s actually a fantastic tool, I highly recommend it - I have used it to correct out of tune bass tracks before too).


Maybe ping their customer service and see if they’ll do anything for you, assuming the renewal wasn’t too long ago. Can’t hurt to ask.


Good idea @HowlinDawg


Good thing it’s all virtual :grin:

Screen Shot 2021-11-18 02 32 41 PM

Any nice compressor plug-in that you’d recommend??


:rofl: yeah I could have gone Full Deadmau5

I have a ton of them, but for a nice start I would say grab the free MeldaProduction MFreeFXBundle, which comes with MCompressor.

Melda makes top notch stuff.

The one I use the most would probably be Kilohearts’ Compressor snapin, but it’s not on sale yet. The best way to get it is probably as part of Kilohearts Toolbox Starter, when it goes on sale:

I like their stuff a lot and use it a lot. I usually use it with Multipass to make multiband compressors, but it works fine in SnapHeap or as a standalone VST too.

While not exactly a compressor, this is also a nice mastering limiter:

It’s actually free. It is not transparent; it adds some nice slight color to the output, like an analog limiter would. I really liked it, I used it a lot before I bought Ozone. Now I use the bus compressors and limiters in Ozone (master bus) and Neutron (each track/bus) instead.


Should also mention this one:

It’s amazing - I just have the LE version but it is really good itself; the full version comes with the MultiBand compressor as well and a way to make your own.

It’s not cheap though, even on sale. But it’s really good.

I’d use it more if I weren’t so into making my own with Multipass.


Thanks! I will probably start off with the free one :grinning:

Not sure I will really have to go into plug-ins as much as you do, but a good compressor and a good EQ might be on the list… (this is mostly all for brushing up rehearsal room “demos”).

I might go for the Scaler 2 plugin though (for music creation), which I just saw is now on sale as well.


Ah, yes, now I remember y’all going “5th element” on that trigger :grin:

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Really useful for that. In fact for this I would recommend looking at iZotope Neutron and Ozone, for mixing and mastering. They are about as good as you can buy and are on sale right now (though it’s not the best sale.) But they come with a lot, and have assistants that give you really solid starting points for mixes.

This bundle is a good way to go:

Like I said, on sale now, though not the best sale I have seen it for.

It looks really good! I actually own it but haven’t dug in too much yet.

It’s, like, so addicting once you start playing with Multipass :rofl:


Is it either Neutron or Ozone, or both, or Neutron for mixing and Ozone for mastering?

Man, I am so tempted to go down that rabbit-hole, but I should really focus on getting better at bass first :rofl:

That’s what I mean… :scream:

And this! It’s like the many books on bass exercises I own (all of which sounded cool on the webpage) and which I still have to get started with…


The latter. Neutron and Nectar go on instrument and vocal (respectively) tracks/busses as channel strips for mixing, while Ozone goes on the master bus for mastering. And they all communicate with each other to help coordinate the mix. So you can do some cool cross-track stuff (e.g. configure it to EQ one track down a little while the other is playing dynamically, to bring it to the front).

It’s about as good as you can buy, totally professional level. I mean:

Even if you end up not buying their stuff, iZotope’s site is full of great info on mixing and mastering. Really recommend checking it out.


Yes, thanks - I really want to learnt that stuff, but, boy… so much there to absorb. The whole concept of “busses”, I am only slowly coming to terms with… and what is with this side-chain compression, and so on…

Darn that day job!


I know! Gets in the way of the hobbies :rofl:

2 Likes … this is a great free compressor … it’s best on multi-buses, but works well with singular instruments also


Love what they did with the UI.