Bargains: Heads up thread

Everyone that doesn’t have it should grab this if you are interested in software synthesizers at all.

Here’s the difference between the various Arturia softsynth products:

100 presets is not a huge number considering there’s 32 synths in there, but the 100 will have lots of good sounds, and it’s free.

I haven’t used Analog Lab in a long time (I own V Collection) but I think @Barney still does. It’s a nice survey of vintage synth sounds.


Native Instruments has a free giveaway of iZotope’s Ozone’s dynamic EQ (only, not the rest of Ozone).

I recommend grabbing this. Ozone is an outstanding mastering plugin and I use it on every mix.


For the DR-curious, specifically DR Blues. :guitar:


Great strings - can recommend!!


If anyone is interested in MeldaProduction plugins (and you should be - they are outstanding), they are offering a 30 euro voucher for every bass or guitar sample you send them, to train their new guitar plugin on.

NGL I might jump in on this one, they have a couple very expensive plugins I would not mind whittling down a bit.

Melda makes my current go-to chorus, reverb, and also MDoubleTracker, all of which I use on almost every recording. Their stuff is all great but some is expensive.

Thomann have a hefty discount on the Peterson Strobostomp tuner pedal.
The LE version for added bling.

⁣Peterson StroboStomp LE – Thomann Ireland

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Super cheap with two extra yokes!
Never saw this so cheap.


That’s a good deal on a great rack

Hercules makes pretty good stuff for the money. I had one of their synth stands and while not the best I have owned it was not bad at all, and very reasonable.

Fender has Aerodyne basses for $350 off this week

Right around $1000. They have other basses discounted too. Saw a Vintera Mustang for $800

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15% off all CNZ audio products.

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