Baroque Double Bass

Well, I don’t know why, it’s one of those YouTube things. I’m grading papers at the moment, so I need a break here and there. The video below is about baroque double bass and it teaches a lot about the instrument in general, too. Have a look if you are curious.

I’ve tried an electric double bass at a rehearsal room, and it was a lot of fun. Have you had the chance? And would you pick up a bow, or just finger pluck? Personally, the bow had way more projection when I saw it live, and it’s… different. Has so much warmth.



Cool stuff you’ve discovered here, Antonio.
There’s a whole thread here about upright - some folks here have one, and are out there playing - thinking mainly about @PamPurrs and @Fahri.
It’s all the more modern style / steel string stuff, but it’s the same basic idea and instrument.
Here’s our upright thread:


Hey! Great stuff there. I play mostly pizzicato (plucking) but I must say that bowing is the real deal. It gets the real character of the instrument…

There aren’t many genres that you can apply bowing until you are kinda good with it but if you can it’s pure beauty…

Here I am bowing 4 notes in total the whole piece


Thank you @Fahri Fahri, beautiful cover! I really like the drummer’s crash cymbal, too, that was hands on :wink:

Were you restricted by the ceiling or why did you lean forward so much? Is that the way to play upright?



I’m sure that I have lots of posture related issues to fix but yeah when you’re standing if you like to play closer to the bridge either you adjust the height of the bass accordingly or you lean on the bass by moving your hip backwards.

That’s why most of the time you see double bassist play sitting (like in your video) so that you have the dB leaning on you instead.

Like this guy

When I play pizzicato I stand in a better posture (still with errors) and I play higher near the end of the fretboard where the strings feel softer. I only lean in when I go to higher registers.

I prefer bowing (arco) on the double bass, depending on my mood. I usually finger pluck on my EUB.

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Great reply, thank you. I kinda couldn’t figure it out by the video alone, being totally uninformed here. Now that I saw a few double bass players play, and with the help of your comment, I can see why and how people bend down.

Keep going :slight_smile: