Bass amp for school talent show

So I’m in a bit of dilemma right now as I have a few amps in mind that I want to use for my school’s talent show. They are, a Marshall B150 15", a Hartake HD150, a Peavey TNT 150, a Peavey MAX 112 Transtubo, a Ashdown 2x10 300w and a Bugera BXD12 1000W 1x12 Bass Combo Amplifier. Btw, all of them are priced around 450 SGD

I’ll be playing in a standard sized school hall which can fit around 300 to 400 people. There is a PA system but I’m pretty sure the school isn’t allowing us to use it as at last year’s talent show, my school didn’t offer us to use the PA system.

To all the bassists in this community, can you please help me out with amp choice of mine and maybe rank them best to worse amp. Thank you


I’d go with the Ashdown from your list. It’s not as full as I want but it’s loud. If you can find a Fender Rumble 100, that would be my choice. Nice deep bass very easy to the ear.

Best is to try them out and see how you like them.


Agree with the Ashdown.

There’s no way that will fill a room that big. A 500 would be perfect though.


You are right in a hall with 300 bodies absorbing the sound waves, 500 would be nice. Although my little Genzler BA-10-2 kick ass at a small venue of almost 200pp, when I double the stack it was really filling the venue, I’ve never have to go with triple stack yet, lol. I’ve never seen a 500 in action yet but I’m sure it’s way cool.


I agree on the Ashdown.
It has plenty of watts, and the two speakers will help a lot.

Don’t do a single 12" speaker combo. No matter how many watts you run, it’s just not enough surface area to make the big sounds you want.
A single 15" would be better, the two 10’s might be best.

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