Bass Big Muff Nano - Love/Hate?

So I have this Bass Big Muff Nano pedal and I’ve been trying different settings and can’t find a way to appreciate the outcome.
However, this is a famous pedal and so many times I’ve seen youtube videos saying that this is a must-have pedal.

What are your opinions on it? Should I keep it or sell it to be able to buy a better/different one?

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If you can’t get a sound out of it that you like I would say sell it. I had the same issue with an Ibanez Tube Screamer. I just couldn’t find a setting I liked so I ended up selling it.


Yeah. I loved mine but if it’s not for you, sell it. No reason to hold on to something you don’t like.

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Yeah. What they said.

Finding a dirt sound that you like is very personal. I like a lot of different dirt sounds when I hear other people use them but when I’m playing I get real picky about what I’m hearing.

I was talking to a guy a couple of weeks ago that, like @joeike, couldn’t find a sound he liked with a Tube Screamer and ended selling it and getting a Boss Distortion that he loved.

My son plays guitar and never liked the Big Muff sound. He swapped his Big Muff with a friend for a Tube Screamer and that never really felt right. Then, I went to visit with my Bass Tube Screamer and we stacked his Tube Screamer with my Bass Tube Screamer and his face lit up like he had just found what he had been searching for. It was beautifully nasty.

When it comes to dirt, first decide what level of dirt works for you. From least to most, there’s overdrive, distortion, and fuzz. There is a lot of cross over between pedals that call themselves one or the other.

Check out this video for a comparison of a bunch of different pedals.

And this one for the Orange Fur Coat Fuzz specifically.
(4200) Orange Fur Coat Fuzz Bass Demo - YouTube

Try not to think too hard on it. If one stands out that you like. Look it up for videos specific to that pedal. You may decide you just don’t like fuzz.


:metal: that one is amazing!


One thing that I’ve found invaluable for evaluating pedals is a looper.
Put it (temporarily) at the start of the signal chain and use it to record a couple of bars.
Then put down the bass, put the looper on repeat and experiment away to your hearts content with the pedal settings.

I have the bass deluxe big muff and love it but it can take some tweaking of the blend and sustain to get the tone you’re looking for.

If you don’t like it though there’s a plethora of options out there.


Anyone that uses or have used it could guide me through settings that worked fine or cover songs that sounded good using the pedal?

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  • always have it switched to Dry
  • I usually cranked sustain way up, tone down a little, and used volume to provide unity gain
  • put a chorus or phaser pedal after it. Trust me on this.

very light sustain works nicely too, to add harmonics to tone.


I’ll try tonight!!