Bass Buzzed!

One lesson at a time, one day at a time. It took me about 3 months to complete the course. I loved it. Josh explains things well, the videos are easy to follow, and I definitely learned as much, if not more than, I hoped.

For those who finished it - what did you do NEXT?



What did I do next?

I take lots of courses on TalkingBass . I’ve completed the Scale Essentials course & Chord Tone Essentials course. I’m currently taking the Sight Reading course (halfway through), Walking Bass, and Ear Training. I have the Chords for Bass course and the Slapping course in the queue and will start one of those as soon as I complete one of the three I’m currently taking.

My answer: Never stop learning. Never stop practicing. Take B2B a second time if nothing else, just to catch what you may have missed the first time.


Thanks Pam! I’ve DEFINITELY been looking at Talking Bass. I even bought the “scales for bass” ipad app which is KILLER!! The courses look kind of expensive, no? You just buy them separately or is there some kind of “pass” to them?


Mark offers a Pass program, which is a monthly subscription, or you can purchase each course individually. I prefer to purchase the courses individually because that allows me to download all the backing tracks and workbooks which I find invaluable. You can’t do that with the Pass program.
He has occasional sales, which is when I purchased all my courses.


Great tips Pam, thank you!!! I do see he’s a very very good instructor.


Almost identical.

I have taken the Scales Essentials course on TalkingBass, and I am in the middle of the Chord Tone Essentials. I will move onto the Sight Reading course, Walking Bass, Ear Training, Chords for bass and slapping, not necessarily in that order, but close.
I actually was able to get the All Access Pass to TalkingBass last time it went up for sale. Invaluable at $16.99 per month, but it only goes on sale periodically, every 6 months I believe. That said, things like the Sight Reading course are really hard to do without purchasing the module, because you do not get access to download the course material, you can only view it online, and it is very very very beneficial, bordering on necessary to have for this course at least, so if you are going to start off by purchasing a module, and waiting for the All Access to do some, you might consider starting with the sight reading course.

I also have an all access pass to which is s$20 per month. this course has loads of excellent exercises in the technique module, and also has sight reading, slapping, walking bass, etc…, but I have only gone thru most of Technique and part of Music Theory so far. I love this site and recommend it. The nice thing about it is you can pay monthly, and stop paying, and start back up anytime you want. you don’t have to wait for the all access pass to go on sale, so you can go start using the. sight, and stop payments while you do lessons or modules elsewhere, then go back and start up where you left off at anytime.

One other thing that @PamPurrs forgot to mention was that both her and I continue with lessons. I take online lessons with none other then @JoshFossgreen via Zoom 1-2 times per month, and Pam has a bass coach she meets with once a week. I can not stress how beneficial this has been for me. It really does help to have somebody to guide and teach you at a personal level, where they can tailor practice and homework and lessons geared towards you, based on your current level and your goals


Thanks for the tips and follow up!!! I absolutely agree that personal instruction is super important. I’m pretty much at the place where I want/need it. Taking advantage of as much online courses as possible at the moment while cash flow is light due to the 'rona (I’m a freelance photographer in none-other than the events industry!!!).


You are correct @T_dub I failed to mention that and it’s important. As good as Josh and Mark are, and as much as I’ve learned from them both over the past year and a half, my bass coach has lifted me to new heights. There is something magical about an interactive, one-on one session, be it with Josh over Zoom, or in a studio with a good teacher.
The trick is finding that good teacher, which @T_dub and I have accomplished.


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